Professional video packages are available at SASS Argentina. Hire our in-house professional videographer Hazen Woolson to follow you around like a pro. The trees and breathtaking terrain provide spectacular imagery and your experience at SASS Argentina will be one you do not want to forget.

SASS Argentina offers clients the rare opportunity to have a professional videographer capture you doing what you love in one of the most visually stunning settings on the planet. Packages are available for anyone looking to take home some amazing imagery whether looking to send footy to sponsors, post edits to make friends jealous and boost your numbers on Instagram, or just have something that reminds you of the epicness that went down.

Basic Video Pack – $250

  • 3 – Action Shots
  • 1 – lifestyle/camp (you pick)
  • Unedited

Standard Video Pack – $350

  • 6 – Action shots
  • 3 – Lifestyle/camp (you pick)
  • Unedited
  • $50/clip for each additional shot

Advanced Video Pack – $500

Be the star of your own ski/snowboard edit…

  • All of your shots edited into a final video
    • ~1-minute edit
  • PLUS: an additional 1-second Instagram-ready edit

Private Cinematographer – $650

Be the star in your own ski/snowboard edit…Hire me exclusively for the day

  • Get all of your shots (unedited for future use)
  • 5  Lifestyle/Camp Shots included
  • Edited video approx 1 min
  • All of your shots edited into a final video
    • ~1-minute edit
  • PLUS: an additional 1-second Instagram-ready edit


Hazen knows what he is doing in front of the camera as well.


Staff Videographer Hazen Woolson is a seasoned professional who has been behind his camera shooting skiers and snowboarders since high school. He is the founding member of JankyFilms. After finishing his degree on the east coast he headed west, first to Alta, then to the Lake Tahoe area where he has been working professionally as a drone operator and videographer. Hazen has a passion for documenting life in the mountains and there is a good chance he loves skiing more than you. Check out his newest web series teaser “Room for Improvement” HERE.

Video packages are limited on a first-come-first-served basis. Be sure to sign up and guarantee stacking some high-end footage.