We’re sure that you’re getting excited about your trip. If you don’t have flights booked or have not yet spoken with our agent TK, click here to email him directly. We highly recommend utilizing TK as he will make sure your flights correspond to recommended times for the simplest travel experience. If you’ve already booked flights, are using award miles or will be purchasing or ticketing flights yourself, here’s some helpful information:



Arrival Dates to Sapporo-Chitose Airport (CTS)

Your flight should arrive on the date corresponding to the session for which you are registered:

SESSION 1 – Dec 29, 2016
SESSION 2 – Jan 8th, 2017
SESSION 3 – Jan 18th, 2017
SESSION 4 – Jan 28th, 2017

Airport Transfer options from Sapporo-Chitose Airport (CTS) to Kiroro Resort:

1) PRIVATE SASS TRANSFER (Included) –  9:00PM
2) JR Train to Otaru-Chikko + Kiroro Resort Bus ($17 USD) – 5x Daily
3) Hokkaido Resort Liner to Kiroro ($40 USD) – 5x Daily

The SASS private bus transfer to Kiroro will load at 8:45 PM and depart at 9:00PM with an extra chase van for gear or delayed flights.

If you will be at Sapporo-Chitose Airport (CTS) early on arrival day or have additional travel plans prior to joining us for SASS Japan, we recommend options 2 or 3 . Both will drop you off at our hotel, The Kiroro Tribute Portfolio Hotel. If you need to kill a few hours at the airport and in order to use the private SASS transfer, you can do so by checking out the incredible Chitose Airport Onsen (seriously, it’s an amazing way to wash off that post 11 hr flight funk) and then meet us on time for option 1.

Recommended flights from Tokyo-Narita Airport (NRT) to Sapporo-Chitose Airport (CTS):

Japan Airlines Flight 3049 – 8:30 PM Arrival
ANA Flight 2155 – 7:45 PM Arrival
Jetstar Japan Flight 117 – 6:40 PM Arrival

80% of SASS Japan clients arrive on these flights. These are recommended as the most convenient flights for utilizing our SASS private transfer. SASS staff will be at the airport to meet you on arrival days.
*Flight times and numbers may change.



Departure Dates from Sapporo-Chitose (CTS)
Your flight should depart on the date corresponding to the session for which you are registered:

SESSION 1 – Jan 7th
SESSION 2 – Jan 17th
SESSION 3 – Jan 27th
SESSION 4 – Feb 6th

Airport Transfer options from Kiroro Resort to Sapporo-Chitose Airport (CTS):

1) PRIVATE SASS TRANSFER (Included) –  9:45AM arriving at CTS 11:30 AM
2) Kiroro Resort Bus + JR Train from Otaru-Chikko ($17 USD) – 5x Daily
3) Hokkaido Resort Liner to Sapporo ($40 USD) – 5x Daily

Recommended flights from Sapporo-Chitose Airport (CTS) to Tokyo-Narita Airport (NRT):

Japan Airlines #6116 / Jetstar #108 – 12:50PM Departure
Jetstar #106 – 1:25PM Departure
ANA #2154 – 2:05 PM Departure

Clients departing in the morning may need to go to Sapporo the night before, so we recommend scheduling later so you don’t miss our farewell dinner (trust us, you don’t want to miss it). If your schedule allows, we also suggest taking an extra day/night in Sapporo to explore. We are happy to help with hotel, restaraunt and spots to check out recommendations.
*Flight times and numbers may change.

Still have questions? Confused about airport transfers? Want to make sure you are making the right decision? We are here to help. Call us direct at 800.851.4660 or click below…