An Argentina Ski Adventure

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Method The Argentina ski season runs from July through September with mid July-early september being the best time for favorable snow quality and weather. There are many options throughout Argentina for incredible skiing and riding during the North American summer months. Cerro Catedral, located in Bariloche, Argentina, is the largest ski area in South America and offers the most diverse terrain.

Argentina skiing differs from many places throughout the world. Although Argentina offers fully modern ski areas, the culture surrounding skiing does not mirror that of north america. For those looking for more untouched powder this is a welcomed situation. Typical Argentine skiers prefer the simple on-piste groomed runs ad tend to leave the more difficult terrain and deeper snow untracked giving those who are looking for it and incredible advantage.

Argentina ski areas are also blessed with incredible big mountain terrain easily accessed from lifts, hiking and backcountry tours as well as plentiful snow. The snow quality throughout Argentina is as diverse as that in the United States. Snow in Bariloche is the most constant, with the most snowfall each year and a maritime snow pack that keeps the avalanche danger lower than other areas. Argentina ski areas are also a great way to experience the culture while pressing one’s passion for deep, untouched snow.

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