Affiliate Program

The SGT Affiliate Program is a way for snow and surf shops and employees to partner with the new leader in adventure travel and action sports. We offer a huge selection of trips ranging from ski and ride sessions in Argentina and the Colorado backcountry, to sustainable surf trips in Puerto Rico and Ecuador. We’re not travel agents – we’re a group of people who love surfing, skiing and riding as much as you do. If you’ve always wanted to ski in South America during the summer, or get shacked on the biggest breaks in Nicaragua, this is your chance!

How does it benefit my shop?

By joining the affiliate program, your store logo and locations will be featured on the SASS Global Travel website. The SGT website was recently featured in a multi-million dollar advertising campaign across the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco media markets, and is rapidly becoming a hub for adventure travel. An affiliate page feature will expose your brand to thousands of potential customers. In addition, your store will be featured periodically in email marketing campaigns directed to thousands of past customers and clients in your particular area. We’ll also give you social networking shout-outs, direct incoming links to your website, and feature you in blog posts once your location exceeds 200 leads via your affiliate box.

Become a SASS Global Travel Sales Representative

Do you live to surf? Do you ski or ride as much as you can handle? Do you know everyone? Can you sell? WE WANT YOU! If you’re pumped on surfing, skiing, or riding and are well-connected in your community, you can apply to become a SASS Global Travel sales representative. SGT has the most unique adventure travel products on the market, and an aggressive commission structure for sales reps. We’ll provide you with sales materials, guidance, and assistance with answering client questions. Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing and developing the SASS Global Travel Affiliate Program by getting surrounding surf and snow shops engaged and excited about SGT products and services, as well as the placement of “affiliate boxes.”
  • Tracking down resulting leads and getting your community and potential clients engaged and excited about adventure travel.
  • Selling trips! If you’re an experienced salesperson and can meet sales goals, we want to hear from you. We are a highly-organized sales force that requires dedication. You must be a self-starter and committed to meeting sales goals in order to be successful and move up through the organization.

Do you have what it takes? Get in touch with us and tell us why. Send your resume and a cover letter detailing your particular strengths and sales skills, and why you see yourself being successful with SGT. All employment and affiliate program inquiries are taken through