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New Entry Requirements for Argentina

[engine_panel title=”‘Visa Reciprocity Fees’ REQUIRED in Advance!” corner=”square” color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”] American, Australian and Canadian citizens are now required to pre-pay a Reciprocity Fee for entry into Argentina. This fee varies from $75 to $160 USD and remains valid for up to 10 years. The barcoded receipt for payment must be presented to a representative at check-in. Failure to provide a copy of the barcoded payment receipt at check-in for your flight will result in delay or denial of your travel to Argentina!

Applications are processed instantly. There is no deadline as long as fees are paid prior to travel.


There are two ways to pay your fee…

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HAVE A SERVICE DO IT… The Argentine website isn’t intuitive and can be problematic. If you want to save the time and have someone else deal with the hassle, you can click below and pay $20 to have complete your submission. Highly Recommended, no hassle, no confusion, just your visa all done online quickly.

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ON YOUR OWN… via the Argentine website. Download the PDF instructions on the first page (lower left), and after clicking CONTINUE and being forwarded to the next page, look for the “SIGN UP” button in the lower left corner again (it’s small) and follow the directions. Alert your bank to expect a charge from Argentina!  [engine_button url=”” color=”#fff” text_color=”#0697d6″ size=”medium” corner=”radius” target=”_blank”] Click to Access Migraciones Entry Fee System [/engine_button]


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Is this a visa? Why is it called a “reciprocity fee”?

This is not a visa. An advance visa is not required for Americans, Australians and Canadians to enter Argentina. Basically, Argentina charges US, Canadian and Australian citizens the same fee that we charge them to apply for a visa to our countries. You simply pay the fee online and bring a printed copy of the barcoded receipt with you at departure.

Why doesn’t SASS Global Travel collect this?

We’re not allowed to. It’s collected directly by the Argentina Migraciones. In the past, they used to collect it at the airport. But this year, they’re requiring that the fee be paid in advance online. This isn’t all bad news though — it means that you’ll move faster through Immigrations and avoid the separate “payment line.”

How much is it? How long does it last?

Fees are $160 USD for United States citizens, which is valid for 10 years; $100 USD for Australians, which is valid for only one single entry; and $75 USD for Canadians, which is also valid for only one single entry or $150 USD, which is valid for 5 years. These are subject to change by government authorities, and are not set or controlled by SGT in any way. This information is believed to be correct, but not guaranteed.

What if I’ve paid this fee before? I have a sticker in my passport.

If you have an existing 10-year “fee paid” sticker in your passport, you do not need to pay it again. Show this to the agent upon check-in for your flight and at Immigrations when requested.

I paid this before, but my passport expired! Can I still get in?

Yes. Bring your old “cancelled” passport (with a valid 10-year “fee paid” sticker) along with your newly issued passport and show the sticker to the agent upon check-in for your flight and at Immigrations. While we can’t guarantee that the policy won’t change, our employees use this technique every year.

I want to pay cash! Can I just pay at the airport?

No. You may be delayed or denied boarding, or even denied entry to the country!

The Official Word

Visit for complete details, or download this (poorly written) PDF file which includes the fee amount and the validity periods. Any questions regarding this fee or the payment process should be directed to the Argentine authorities. We believe the information here is correct, but we can’t guarantee against changes or errors.