To share our passion for travel and progression by providing the platform to reach the next level on snow and in the water around the globe while growing and supporting the SASS family.


SASS = Surf And Snow Sessions

We create next level action sports adventure travel experiences. SASS Global Travel was born out of a pursuit of the endless winter. Our connection to the mountains will never fade and a desire to share that feeling with others is our motivation. Between our winters, a love of surfing developed into a similar obsession and the desire to share that feeling soon followed. As we continue to provide the platform for exploration and progression, we have come to develop a following of like-minded travelers who look to us to set them up for success while exploring the globe with our sports as the motivation. These clients, the ones that truly get it and can’t get enough of it, are the SASS family. We invite you to join us on any one of our trips, but warn you… You’ll probably end up on another.


SASS does not run trips, we create experiences. The difference? Our clients leave with newly developed skills, a deeper knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level of your chosen sport, lifelong friends, a smile that doesn’t seem to quit and a bank of memories that will last a lifetime. It is no wonder why people come back year after year. Whether that means coming to SASS Argentina 6 years in a row, or making it to every one of our experiences (Japan, Puerto Rico, Argenina and Chile) in one calendar year, or signing up for SASS Japan while in the middle of SASS Argentina.

Not only do we show you to the best waves, the deepest snow, the most spectacular views, the most unique cultural experience, but we do so while minimizing the pains of long distance travel. We are there for you every step of the way. We share our local knowledge, our logistical experience and every helpful tip we have. Our goal is to make sure that your trip is packed with the things that brought you to your destination, not the the hassles that usually go along with figuring out what to do once you are there.


Although we are fortunate to love our jobs, we know that life is not all about work. Providing the platform for people to escape the day-to-day, experience something completely new, push themselves to levels they never thought possible, learn new skills, and walk away with unreal memories and new friends is a dream come true. Whether skiing, snowboarding or surfing, it is all about flow and being in that moment. Travel and vacation is all about being in that moment. We feel as though it is important for anyone to find what takes them to that special place. We as action sports athletes are lucky in that the community and camaraderie developed over that pursuit is just part of it. Showing people how to access that moment while being conscious of proper protocol and risk assessment means that we are showing them the way to a lifetime of moments that help to clear the mind and feed the soul.


We know it sounds cheesy, but we don’t care. The SASS family is real. We have spent over a decade bringing people together all over the world. Throughout the years we have made lifelong friends and shared countless memories on top of mountains, in the water, around the dinner table and even at 4am at the discotecha. Our staff is not made up of people who shy away from another run, one more wave or one more round and we share in these experiences along side our clients. Creating a community, a crew, a family on every one of our trips is important. We know our clients will enjoy the skiing, snowboarding or surfing portions of our trips, it is what we do together afterwords that solidifies that bond. These shared smiles, high fives and stories are what make the SASS Family what it is.



SASS Argentina is a full service, big mountain, guided backcountry skiing and snowboarding camp for all ages. Take it to the next level in the heart of Patagonian Andes in the middle of August with an experienced staff of pro guides, coaches, logistics experts and like-minded travelers…




SASS Japan is a full service guided experience that brings you to the North Island of Japan (Hokkaido) to take advantage of the legendary snowfall during the best time of year to be there, or as we call it “JAPANuary”. Check Japan off your bucket list with us and get ready to redefine your concept of deep…




Set in a location that provides consistent swell and easy access for travelers, the Rincon Surf Resort blends the excitement of a surf camp with the hospitality and service you’d expect from a resort. Join us and immerse yourself in a community of likeminded travelers made up of all levels of surfers…



We are a team travelers, explorers, surfers, skiers, snowboarders, adventurers, and workaholics (luckily we love our job) who are passionate about sharing experiences with adventurous people. We work as a unit to make sure that your experience exceeds all expectations. We actually enjoy helping with travel logistics and figuring out ways to ease the pain of long distance travel. We love the look on our clients’ faces when they accomplish something they didn’t think was possible. We live to blow people away with what the world has to offer by making the seemingly impossible attainable.

A few of us work year-round running the inner workings of SASS Global Travel, but we couldn’t do what we do without the guides and coaches that work at each of our locations. With their experience, input and dedication, we work together to provide the experiences that we are proud of and develop new ones that will keep you coming back.




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