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Payment Plans for Argentina 2013

Think you can’t afford to come down to Argentina? Think again. For the first time in 2013, SASS Global Travel will be offering in-house payment plans. No banks, no intimidating applications, no credit checks. That’s right – just call us, we’ll review your goals for the season, your employment and overall financial situation; and you can be on your way to Argentina! Under-18 applicants and those without full-time employment may need a co-signer or guarantor with a credit card to be eligible, but we can create a plan that fits nearly every budget. Argentina is closer than you think!

Payment Plan Quick Example:
  • You want to come to Argentina for an 8-Day Half Session during Session 2A (Aug. 10-17).
  • You put down a $500 deposit when you register.
  • You pay $375 when you get paid on July 15.
  • You pay another $375 right before you get on the plane, on August 9.
  • You make 12 equal payments starting on September 1.
  • No interest, just a flat fee on your unpaid balance when you arrive in Argentina. In this example, just $75.

Interested? Click here to apply — there’s no obligation or application fee to see if you qualify.

More Questions and Answers:

How much can I finance?
  • Clients may finance up to 50% of their total invoice amount on Half (8-Day) or Full Sessions (15-Day).
  • Call for special financing terms on longer sessions. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • Plane tickets and other travel-related services are not eligible for financing.
Do you charge a ton of interest?

Nope. We’re not a bank and we’re not here to make interest. We apply a small fee on the unpaid balance when you arrive in Argentina, and we even offer a discount if you pay your balance off by October 1!

What are the terms? 
  • Registration Deposit: Minimum 20% of your total invoice, paid when you register.
  • Remaining Payments: Make up to fifteen equal payments starting one week following registration.

If your balance is paid in full before arrival in Argentina, no finance charges apply. Otherwise, we recommend our Structured Payment Plan. This is our answer to in-house financing. It’s inexpensive, and requires a credit or debit card to be authorized for weekly recurring charges:

  • One Flat Fee… equal to 6% of your unpaid balance only, applied upon arrival in Argentina.
  • Make an affordable weekly payment… starting the week after you register, until your balance is paid off.
  • If your payments are made on-time… and your card is not declined on the authorized date, you won’t pay a penny more.
  • Pay it off early and get a discount… we’ll refund half your finance fee if you pay off your balance by October 1, 2013.
The Fine Print

If your payment is late (24 hour grace period applies) or your card is declined, you will be automatically charged a fee equal to 1% of the remaining balance. Balances remaining after 180 days or those with three or more late / declined payments are automatically considered in default, and assessed a long-term APR (annual percentage rate) equal to 24.99% of the outstanding balance until the full amount is satisfied. Delinquent accounts or those may be subject to collections, judgments or any other legal action allowed by law. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply, and will be noted in your Invoice terms and/or your financing agreement.

What do I need to apply?
  • Proof of Income for you or a co-signer
  • Credit or Debit Card