Skill Level & Other Requirements for SGT Argentina

Determining and conveying the skill required for clients in Argentina is difficult sometimes — every client determines their own ability level differently. In order for groups to be successful, members of the group must be skiing or riding at similar levels. Because this is so important to the experience and safety of all clients in the group, we’ve done our best to create an easy-to-understand requirement. If you have questions, please inquire!

SGT Argentina Clients are Required to:

  1. Ski or ride at an Advanced-Intermediate level or higher (similar to PSIA/AASI Level 7*), defined for our Argentina program as:
    • Smoothly linking turns on a “black diamond” run.
    • Ability to navigate variable conditions at a moderate pace, including powder, hard-pack, ice, etc.
    • Comfortable on slopes of 40% gradient (typical black diamond run).
    • Ability to navigate or traverse through low-angle trees or glades at a moderate pace.
  2. Be in adequate physical condition to hike 1/4 mile on snowy and variable terrain while carrying gear.
  3. Traverse on cat-walks at a moderate pace – especially important for snowboarders.
  4. Ski or ride in a group, and have sufficient English skills to closely follow the directions of a coach or guide.
  5. Be in good mental health with a desire to live and ride in a small group environment.
  6. Have adequate gear to meet their needs. Ask Questions
“Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

For those saying to themselves, “I’m XX years old, I don’t know if I can keep up!” — know that our clients varied in age from about 15 to 56 in 2012. You don’t have to hike a mile every day to experience the backcountry with us; our guides and coaches are experienced in creating groups based on your goals, abilities and stamina. You can expect to find all types of people at our Lodge, though our “average age” varies greatly by session. Our clients include east coast college students, mid-20s backcountry enthusiasts and freestyle-oriented high school seniors experiencing the backcountry alongside working professionals in their 30s and shred-happy dentists in their 50s. Still unsure? Inquire if you have more questions.

Excerpt from SGT General Terms & Conditions:

Ability Level Requirements and Misrepresentation of Ability:
“There are some Services or Programs that require a minimum ability level in surf or snowsports, and also require the Participant to evaluate their own ability during registration. The Operator will provide metrics for determining ability level, but it is impossible (in most cases) for the Operator to fully determine the ability of each Participant based solely on their responses during registration. The Operator will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the Participant within the standard range of Services — usually as part of a guided group with other Participants of a similar level.

If the Participant grossly misrepresents their ability or is ignorant of the required minimum ability level, the Participant may be required to seek outside coaching to bring their ability to the required level in order to avail themselves of the standard range of Services. Outside or private coaching is not included in the quoted price, and will be at the exclusive expense of the Participant. If the metrics provided by the Operator leave the Participant in doubt about their ability level, it is their responsibility to indicate this to the Operator or email to determine if the Program is suitable for them.”

*Note: We are not affiliated in any way with PSIA/AASI. We use the comparison because it offers a better-known metric for ski or snowboard skill level evaluation. Call 800.851.4660 if you have questions about your ability level before registration.