Are you ready for an Argentina Heli Ski adventure?

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Chase Josey Heli-skiing is the ultimate skiing experience. It is the holy grail to those of us who consider skiing a passion. There are helicopter operations throughout the world that bring you to locations otherwise impossible to access. Although Argentina is home to one of the largest mountain ranges on earth, Argentina Heli-Ski operations are limited. With mountains as vast as the Andes, heli access could be ideal, but the present state of the local industry is lacking.

Due to a lack of a big mountain ski culture, qualified pilots and premier equipment Argentina is not yet an ideal destination for Heli-skiing. Argentina Heli-Ski operations are still a number of years out, and the limited helicopter access exists in the alpine Northern Argentina isn’t considered reliable by North American standards. That said, Argentina is not to be overlooked by those trying to ski terrain usually reserved for helicopter access. Skiers are drawn to heli-skiing because they bring you to secluded locations that offer more vertical and untouched powder snow. Throughout Argentina terrain such as this is accessible without a helicopter ride.

In places such as Bariloche, Argentina Heli-Ski operations do not exist, but access to similar terrain is obtainable from lifts, short hikes, and backcountry tours. A network of backcountry huts also allows for accommodations in the middle of this terrain similar to the heli-operation lodges throughout Alaska and British Columbia. Throughout this area it is important to remember that accessing such terrain is dangerous and often requires a knowledgeable guide to show you the goods. Argentina heli ski operations often lack the experience necessary to handle such responsibility. Instead, other guided operations exist as well as backcountry ski camps that offer similar packages to heli-ski operations with guiding, lodging, food and endless terrain option included.

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