Ski Argentina with SGT

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Andrew Burns There are many ways to escape the heat of summer and still be able to continue the winter snow season. For years people have been making their way down to the southern hemisphere to keep the dream alive, and open themselves up to different experiences and cultures that surround skiing and snowboarding. Every place has it’s own character and “feel”. Some people opt for the volcano riding in New Zealand or the high alpine of Chile as they have had the benefit of great marketing and great skiing. SASS Global Travel has fallen in love with Argentina, it’s beautiful mountains and beautiful people.

When you Ski Argentina there are many different resorts to choose from all along the Andes. Penitentes, Las Lenas, Caviahue, Cerro Bayo, Cerro Castor, Chapelco, and of course Cerro Catedral. We have been operating at Cerro Catedral in San Carlos de Bariloche for the past 5 years and by far it is the most modern of resorts in South America. If you are planning to make your next epic trip down south we recommend that you Ski Argentina for many reasons that can only be truly understood once you have been here as long as we have, or even for a week. The delicious beef, the mate, and the uncrowded backcountry that await you when you decide to make this year, the year that you knock off a good Ski Argentina adventure from your bucket list. We hope to see you down there.

Ready to learn more about a travel experience toSki Argentina and experience the best of the Patagonian backcountry? Or, if you’d like to inquire or talk to someone in our office, call 1.800.851.4660.

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