Skiing in the Summer

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Randall Stacy For some of us one winter is just not enough and we turn to skiing in the summer to get our fix. In the Northern Hemisphere Skiing in the summer means spending your time on a glacier with short runs and slushy snow. For those looking to ski in true winter conditions the southern hemisphere offers the best summertime skiing. Places such as New Zealand and South America offer modern resorts and actual winter conditions. New Zealand’s snowfall is limited and the terrain, although beautiful, leaves something to be desired. This makes South America, and more specifically, Argentina the best location for skiing in the summer. With unlimited access to the all the Andes have to offer, and the most consistent snowfall in the southern hemisphere, Argentina is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to feed their need for more winter.

Skiing in the summer in Argentina begins in July and runs through September with the meat of the season being from mid-july to early september. For those of us looking for deep snow and mind-blowing terrain options, Bariloche, Argentina offers both through the ski area Cerro Catedral. Skiing in the summer doesn’t get better. For the best king guided operations and backcountry camps are the best way to access deep, untouched snow in mid-august. For those coming from the Northern Hemisphere it may be a long trip in order to go skiing in the summer, but it is more than worth it.

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