Snowboard Camps: Argentina or Glacier?

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Powder Spray When I look at Snowboard Camps to attend, I look for a program that I can ride all day long with pro coaches. My friends and I go to snowboard camps together. We recently went to SGT Argentina as a group, and rode everyday, all day with pro coaches. We learned about backcountry safety, avalanches and safe group travel techniques. Our favorite days with the SASS Global Travel snowboard camps was just hiking lines and taking laps in the Laguna area. Laguna was such a cool backcountry zone which turned into the snowboard camp’s playground. We built Jumps, dug pits and did beacon drills with the guides in the backcountry.

If we go back to SGT Argentina to snowboard again, I think we would all like to do there overnight trip to Refugio Frey. I heard of people going on the overnight trip and they said it was mind blowing and life changing. While I look to continue totTravel during the snow months and looking to attend more snowboard camps in the future. Looking forward to my next adventure, don’t know it it will be anything like my experience was in Argentina.

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