Summer Backcountry Ski Camps

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Rainer Benz For those looking for summer backcountry ski camps, the options are incredibly limited. This is due to the fact that most summer ski camps are based on glaciers and do not offer the necessary snow and terrain for backcountry skiing. This makes the southern hemisphere the best option for anyone looking to improve their backcountry ski knowledge in the north american summer months. This again, narrows the playing field. Many camps throughout New Zealand and South America offer little backcounrty-specific options. This is due to the difficulty of runing such a program and staffing it with the qualified, experienced guides and coaches necessary. Terrain is also a limiting factor. A proper summer backcountry ski camp must have simple and plentiful access to the backcountry.

Places such as Argentina offer the perfect mix of such terrain as well as excellent snow quality worth venturing into the backcountry for. That said, summer backcountry ski camps are hard to find even in Argentina.

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