Ready for your Argentina summer skiing experience?

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James Haffner Stoked On Life When people start off their summer they think of going to the beach, or going out hiking, Visiting places you have never been, getting a summer job what have you. for the people who are fortunate enough they get to go off to Ski over their Summer Break. When you think of Summer Skiing a couple of things might go thru your mind like tramp camps, ramp camp, Windells, Momentum, or one of the other camps over on the Mount Hood glacier. These camps are becoming a new way of training over the summer for the next upcoming winter season. but for the skiers that are not park rats there is a camp for you! SASS Global Travel is a Summer Skiing Camp in argentina that makes a new Backcountry experience for any avid skier looking for the Greatest Summer of your life!

SASS Global Travel is the one Summer Skiing camp is the only Summer camp that lets you take away skiing pow everyday and skiing back and side country from the experience all while you get to experience a new culture of a foreign country. skiing by day and experiencing the city of Bariloche at night. The eight days to 5 weeks you can spend here will be life changing and change your perspective on skiing.

Ready to plan your summer skiing with SGT Argentina? Or if you’d like to inquire or talk to someone in our office, call 1.800.851.4660 or submit an inquiry form by clicking below!

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