SASS Argentina is all about family, fun and experiencing life to the fullest. But don’t take our word for it… Check out these testimonials from past program participants and see why you should come down to SASS Argentina with us this summer.


[engine_panel title=”Sparky Nader -Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] Sparky Nader SGT testimonials“What can I say about SGT. Well to start Argentina is a beautiful country, the food is delicious, the people are nice, and oh right the snow… When we got there it had snowed the night before and the next morning there was no “We will take it easy” it was more, be ready for some of the most amazing back and side country you will ever do. The guides were incredible. The photos they took were awesome. The terrain was like no where I have ever done. And the friends I meet and bonded with while down there I will never forget. And it was only 10 days with fresh lines EVERY SINGLE DAY…
If you are considering chasing some pow this summer you would be foolish to think of going anywhere else but Argentina with SGT. If you guys are lucky enough you might hear some of the stories of the night life that I was part of after shredding some crazy pow, or maybe I will hear about your crazy adventures when I go back cause trust me you will want to go back!

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[engine_panel title=”Michael Van den Bergh- 2 Years and counting” corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Michael Van den Bergh SGT testimonials“I’ve been to countless summer camps around the world and Bariloche with SGT is without a doubt the most epic of all of them. Skiing powder in Argentina is an incredible experience. Having skied in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia, Argentina and New Zealand, I can tell you that Argentina is one best freeride destinations on this planet. The terrain is incredible. The snow can be amazing. Traveling with SGT has been life-changing for me. I have met friends for life – including my girlfriend – while in Bariloche with SGT. I have learned Spanish. I have eaten the most mind-blowing asados (BBQs). I’ve tasted the most incredible wines. I’ve skied the most amazing powder days. The friendships I have built up in Bariloche are priceless. I have visited those friends around the world, and they have visited me in Switzerland, for many epic powder days. The SGT coaches are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They will adapt the coaching and guiding to your level. You will have great skiing no matter what, with people that have the exact same mindset as you. I have some tips to future campers: book at least 3-4 weeks. Two weeks just isn’t enough and you want to catch at least a couple of good storms while down there. And being at SGT is an excellent opportunity to take an avalanche course with them. Highly recommended!”
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[engine_panel title=”Chelsey Wells – Women’s Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] Chelsey Wells SGT testimonials“There is a reason why memories of Argentina pop into my mind every time I’m not doing an activity higher than a 10 on the adrenaline scale (be prepared if you normally work in an office..). It was more then just the breathtaking location and the crazy amounts of snow. Argentina allowed me to meet a heap of somewhat insane, likeminded mates. Every morning the energy would radiate through the house, people keen to map a new line or land a new trick. Due to past experiences I’m normally very sceptical of travel companies, but I can honestly say SGT were brilliant! Any questions or concerns were adressed immediately. Travis and Lucas did all the hard work, catering for me even though I had to arrive late. Nicki helped to bring my boarding to a new level and Jon introduced me to my very new hobby (video editing). I have and will continue to happily recommend them to anyone who will listen. Favourite memory: It was a bluebird sky and Robin Van Gyn (now my facebook friend) was teaching me how to land a 180. I was about to hit the feature when Erin Comstock yelled something out from the giant, Roxy pro sized kicker they were building over towards my left. I didn’t hear her the first time, but when she yelled again I looked up as per her instructions. 5 huge Andean condors were riding the thermals high above. Hope to see everyone again in 2014! P.s One piece of advice..when they try to get you to taste fernet, just say no.”
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[engine_panel title=”Dylan Freeman – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] Dylan Freeman SGT testimonials“Argentina was awesome! The days were full of great food, world class skiing, and amazing people. I recommend it to anyone who loves traveling, meeting new friends, or just skiing great powder. What really sets SGT apart is the family atmosphere and the excitement shared by everyone there. There’s nothing like waking up to a foot of fresh powder and seeing everyone just as stoked as you are. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime and something I will never forget. I really hope to be back soon!”
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[engine_panel title=”Connor Winton – 2 year client now Head Videographer” corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] “SGT provided the resources that allowed me to comfortably push my riding level and become a better snowboarder. With all of the available terrain in the back country there it’s nearly impossible not to progress. Argentina was my first back country experience, and having world class guides, and coaches alongside to show you all the best spots on the mountain made it an experience of a lifetime! If you want to ride trees, drop cliffs, build a back country booter, then look no farther! The riding was so good that I had to come back again and again making 2013 my third year going down. SGT is truly a family, full of great people from every corner of the world coming together to share their passion for the mountains and crushing pow.”
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[engine_panel title=”Jack Hessler – 4 years and coming back” corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] Grant Bowen SGT testimonials“Last week I submitted my deposit to go to Argentina in August. Why? Because I have already been there three times and could not ask for a better camp. My first time attending the camp, about four years ago, was a life changing experience that can not be described in words. After that summer, I did everything in my power to return the next summer. Now, as the summer is beginning, the days seem to be getting longer as the anxiety and excitement flow throughout my body. I have been to Mt. Hood and New Zealand, and I can honestly say that my experiences in Argentina are far better than the ones I’ve had in the other places. The main reason? There is actually real snow and it feels like winter. I’ll see you all in August.”
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[engine_panel title=”John Kim – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] Grant Bowen SGT testimonials“My trip down to Argentina with the SGT crew in 2011 was by far the most epic adventure I’ve experienced since I began traveling abroad to snowboard. A few reasons for this includes both the staff and the campers who all had such mixed personalities, which only left me laughing and smiling all throughout the trip. These guys all had jokes to keep the mood just right.
The food was amazing too – BEST steak, ever! My introduction to Fernet y Cola was also a big plus.
Last, the BACKCOUNTRY expeditions! This probably takes the cake as to why my time spent in Bariloche was so unforgettable. Who can forget the insane hikes which I couldn’t get enough of and the deep deep powder! The time and energy spent going into the backcountry was definitely challenging, but I pulled through with no regrets and with a whole new outlook on snowboarding and the safety measures taken to ride safe out there.
So to sum it all up: cool peeps, amazing food and deep pow! What else could a shredder like me ask for, especially in August!”
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[engine_panel title=”Dustin Eldridge – 2 Years” corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] Grant Bowen SGT testimonials“What could be better than shredding pow in the summer? Going down to Argentina with SASS Global Travel has been the highlight of my shred career so far. The combination of the epic Andes mountains, the amazing crew of pro guides and coaches, and the premiere spot right at the base of Cerro Catedral ski area will have you coming back every summer! Going in the backcountry with SGT’s incredible coaches has given me the skills and experience to go out on my own backcountry adventures back at home.”
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[engine_panel title=”Grant Bowen – Adult Session 2011 coming back this year” corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] Grant Bowen SGT testimonials“I had one of the best trips of my life with SASS down in Argentina. My flight was canceled and they quickly got me and my friend on another flight without delay. Once in Argentina the local guide took us on a great tour of Buenos Aires. The next day we headed to Bariloche and where we were greeted by the friendly staff and plush accommodations. Over the next 2 weeks they took us to some of the best terrain I’ve ever riden. They helped me make a splitboard and guided a few of us to the Refugio Frey, an amazing backcountry hut. I made a bunch of new friends, improved my riding, and had a ton of fun. I highly recommend SASS and can’t wait to go back in the future!”
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[engine_panel title=”Rainer Benz – Adult Session 2011″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] Rainer Benz SGT testimonials“After a rather poor winter with not so much snow in Switzerland, I was still hungry for pow when summer came. I stumbled across the SASS website and read testimonials like “best time of my life”, which made me kind of sceptical. However, I went to the camp and honestly, it was the best decision I could possibly make. From the moment I walked through the door, I was down with the crew. The mountain was like home to me and I’ve received way more than all the deep pow I was looking for: an unforgettable and amazing time in wonderful Argentina with a killer crew of campers and staff.
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[engine_panel title=”Sam Kaplan – under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] Sam Kaplan SGT testimonials“I went to Argentina with SASS Global Travel last summer. It was an awesome experience. I got to interact with the native Argentine people and I got to shred with some great guys and some great pros. The conditions are great and when it snows the powder is insane. I strongly recommend this trip to all powder heads. The back country runs like Laguna are sick and there are lots of great chutes and cliffs for hucking.
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[engine_panel title=”Benjamin Hambright – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] “What an experience! For us SGT was a great introduction to the backcountry and to the idea of an epoch. An epoch is not the same as something that’s “epic,” its much more. Its a time when you learn, you grow, and you push yourself in ways you couldn’t have imagined. The snow plus the wine and meat made for the best birthday I’ve ever had.”
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[engine_panel title=”Nipper Alsup – Father and 2 Sons came together in 2012 and coming back again this year” corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”] Nipper Alsup SGT testimonials“We are joining SGT for our second year. Our situation is unique. My sons are young (11 and 13), therefore all three of us ski with SGT. There are lots of reasons we are going back to Argentina and all the wonder it holds. The reason we are going back with SGT is the relationships we made with the staff and fellow campers. The on snow ability of the guides is world class, and I love that my sons are able to see it. And they are good realistic role models off snow. Even at 40 I am looking forward to the improvements I will make while skiing with SGT. I feel this photo of Mauri and my kid Eli sums up what I am trying to say. Whatever your deal is…figure out how to do it.”
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[engine_panel title=”Alex G – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] “Argentina was one of the most fun things I’ve done. The skiing was amazing, the people were awesome, and the food was incredible. I would recommend this to anyone.”
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[engine_panel title=”Antonio Bifulco – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
antoniobifulco“Argentina was a blast! Getting there was a breeze and the open community feel of the lodge was awesome. Everyone I met on the trip was great, so the fun didn’t stop once you got off the mountain. I met up with a few of the guys from the trip not long after I got back stateside. An overall great experience put on by SGT, I recommended it to more than a few friends!”[/engine_panel]



[engine_panel title=”Graham Glusman – Adult Session 2011″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] “The skiing was amazing, the people were great, the instructors were incredible, and the food was delicious. Greatest summer (winter) trip imaginable! Meeting people from all over the world, all sharing the love to shred pow, is there anything better?
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[engine_panel title=”Matt Goodman – Under 18 Two Year Client” corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Matt Goodman
“I can honestly say that my two trips to Argentina have been the two best skiing vacations of my life (granted i’m only 16). Everybody I met was so great and the mountain is awesome. I had my first experience with backcountry equipment (beacon, shovel and probe) and was given tips from the best in the business. I’ve gone for the past two years in a row and this summer i’m looking to go for year number three.”






[engine_panel title=”Max Akselrad – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”] “I can easily say I had one of the best times of my life in Argentina with SGT. Even when the resort isn’t getting much snow, the guides will stop at nothing to get you to deep, steep lines that will force you to challenge yourself. We had one exceptionally deep day that I could say that it was the most fun I’ve ever had on snow. The people are amazing, SGT staff are second to none, and the food is amazing night after night. I make it my mission to get back there in the near future.”
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[engine_panel title=”Benjamin Hambright – Adult 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
“What an experience! For us SGT was a great introduction to the backcountry and to the idea of an epoch. An epoch is not the same as something that’s “epic,” its much more. Its a time when you learn, you grow, and you push yourself in ways you couldn’t have imagined. The snow plus the wine and meat made for the best birthday I’ve ever had.”[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Allison Henderson – Women’s Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
“San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina with SGT….wow there is a lot to say! I came down in the mindset of…” yeah I’m going to learn to be even more of a ripper snowboarder”. But, what I got was SO much more. The experience of being in Argentina was mind-blowing itself and more than I could have expected. SGT not only exposes you to world- class skiing/snowboarding with amazing pros, but gives you the adventure you seek. To be in another country with a different language, culture, and way of life really digs deep into your essence as a snow enthusiast and a person. There is no better experience I could recommend. The staff is just so profoundly unique and special, adding even more to the adventure. For this price, you get the skiing/snowboarding, but also a priceless experience that is a rarity to find. I could not recommend a better cultural experience and skiing/snowboarding outfit all in one than SGT. Muah!!! to SGT for giving me such an incredible experience and changing my life forever!!!

Much Love,

Allison H.”
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[engine_panel title=”John Fisher – Adult 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
John Fisher
“I looked into Argentina and SGT a couple years back after reading about them in TransWorld, and pretty much knew right away I needed to get down there. So I finally pulled the trigger last summer after moving back from Japan and man what a trip. Start to finish the staff at SGT could not have been more helpful. The office staff was on top of it and made booking, submitting documents, and flights effortless. Yep, flights too, SGT’s travel agency found me a way more direct and cheaper flight than anything I could find on my own, and I travel quite a bit. As far as Argentina goes, the people, culture, and food were top notch. The local chefs at the lodge were always whipping up some tasty meals that for sure did not disappoint. Lots of good energy and vibes floating around that place, and the scenery is incredible. It already looked absolutely amazing in all the photos and videos, but seeing it with your own eyes is truly something else. So day 1 we all split up into groups and headed out. I ended up with the pirate, Andrew Burns, who wasted no time getting us to the goods and set the tone for the day with a sick backflip on our first lap in Laguna. The rest is epic history. The best thing about it is that our options were endless whether it was heading out to build a huge cheese wedge kicker and send it to the moon, skin out to the Frey hut and take on the full throttle backcountry experience, or anything you could imagine in between! Let’s pause for a second and relish in the fact that it was August and while my friends back home were sweating their bits off we were ripping the steeps and getting face shots daily. One of the greatest things about a trip like this is that you’re meeting a bunch of like-minded people from all over the place who share your same passion. I went down there on my own not knowing anyone and left with a whole new group of friends I still stay in touch with and have even gotten together with since. The town of Bariloche is super close and the folks at SGT have the place dialed in. Take advantage of the nights out and opportunities to experience some of the best beef and beer around. If you’re not totally wiped out from slaying powder all day, lace up your rockstar shoes and brace yourself for some South American night life. Bottom line is that you’re sure to have a good time and meet some great people along the way. The memories and experiences from Argentina were priceless and last summer will definitely not be the last time I’m down there. I’ve personally recommended this trip to almost all my ski and snowboard friends. Anyone looking for a summer ski destination should look no further than Argentina with SGT!!!”[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Kip Wastrom – Under 18 Two Year Client” corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]

Kip Wastrom - Under 18 Two Year Client
“Great place, better snow, even better people. A few weeks with the SGT crew is without a doubt the best way to spend your summer. “[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Daryl Kent – Adult Program Two Year Client” corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
“hmmm, do I show up in Argentina for the third year to ski the best in bound trees and side country ever? Jump off the back side and ski untracked pow and spend a night or two at the Frey hut letting loose and hanging out with my favorite guides an pro’s? Man I’m hungry just thinking about the best beef on earth being cooked on the open fire right at the Inn at Soul Max while we’re drinking some of the local red. No
hassles with David and Lucas and crew getting me there. Am I going? HELL yeah , see you in August!”[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Lucas Zelnick – Four Year Returning Client” corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
“It’s summer camp with waist deep pow and professional coaching. If you don’t like skiing it’s worth it just for the vacation and the people. If you do like skiing you should be on a plane already.”[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Alex Harrison – Adult 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
“Going down to South America and spending time with the SGT crew was the best thing I had ever done. It was literally the most exhilarating experience. The powder was absolutely unreal and the terrain was mesmerizing. Day hikes, cliffs, and a great terrain park to brush up on your skills. Never in my life had I rode anything so magical. To top it all of the people you spend time with and ride with are all wonderful. The coaches and guides hunted and searched for epic spots daily, giving the riders a constant opportunity to slay the powder constantly. Coming off the mountain each day your greeted with friends, and the people that become your family. Everybody does nothing but smile and enjoy the good food and good times. Speaking of the food, it was somewhere near heavenly. I left Argentina a stronger rider and a better person. Not a single day has gone by since returning where I don’t dream about my time with SGT, its an addiction that I yearn to feed. I count down the days until I can return to those wonderful mountains and people. “[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Daniel Ochoa – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Daniel Ochoa
“I scooped up one of the last spots for SGT’s 2012 session three weeks before departure and all I knew is that I would be snowboarding in beautiful Bariloche, Argentina with campers, clients, world-renowned guides and some stoked pro coaches, and really, that’s all I needed to know. I couldn’t wait and the experience didn’t disappoint. The mountains are as advertised. We rode steep untouched lines above La Laguna days after big dumps and lapped the surreal, green moss covered trees in the resort while it was puking. The SGT staff was perfect. They had everything dialed from room assignments and ping pong tourneys to lift passes and ride groups. Everyone on the SGT team makes you feel like family and when they say “welcome to the fam” they mean it. Everyone is just truly happy to be skiing and riding pow in the summer and the happiness is contagious. Get Some! Thanks guys”[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Maria Nappi – Under 18 Two Year Client” corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
“SGT was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Crushing insane pow and skiing the big mountains with knowledgeable guides pushed my abilities and taught me so much. The skiing, the food and the people that have become my extended ski family really made for an unreal summer break.”[engine_spacer][/engine_panel]

[engine_panel title=”Peter Purcell – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Daniel Ochoa
“(1) The great people at SASS opened my eyes to true snowboarding. My experience there paved the way for me to become better than I ever thought I could.

(2) Hands down the most epic, eye opening, and interesting week of snowboarding I have ever had. Could not ask for a more fun and inviting group of people to experience it with.

(3) My time at SASS changed my whole perspective on snowboarding. I am now addicted to backcountry and the push-your-limits features it has to offer.

(4) Absolutely unforgettable. SASS is one of the best decisions I ever made. Counting the days until I’m back!

(6) The best snowboarding trip OF MY LIFE. Fun people. Amazing snow. The most unique terrain. Argentine Culture. Unforgettable.

(7) Words cannot describe the great friends and the amazing experience at SASS, but they can try: The best trip ever!

(8) Reserve my spot for next year boys… and the year after that… and the year after that… and every year after that!

[engine_panel title=”Jackson Boyle – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Daniel Ochoa
“I had an amazing time in Argentina. I would say without hesitation that it was the best trip I have been on in my 15 years. Although I was one of the younger ones there, I felt incredibly welcome and had a great time. The coaches were awesome and the atmosphere was very laid back and fun. My fondest memory from the trip was when I reached the top of the Timmy Chutes, one of the runs behind the resort mountain. There was an incredible view out across the Andes, and we were preparing to drop. It really doesn’t get any better, hanging out with friends on top of a sweet run after a long hike, surrounded by mountains that never seem to end. I really hope I will be able to come back in the future.

[engine_panel title=”Whitney O’Bannon – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Whitney O'Bannon
“Argentina was an adventure out of this world. The day after I arrived it started snowing at least a foot for three straight days! Riding around with Nicki and Michelle in the chicks group was so much fun and we rode just as hard as the boys! I’ll never forget hiking through wind and ice to reach ultimate, steep lines of powder. What a rush! The terrain is unbelievable and pushes your limits. One week was way too short with the SGT Crew!”

[engine_panel title=”Toby Koekkoek” – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Toby Koekkoek
“Talk about some of the most fulfilling days of your life, as a skier, and as a human being. On an average day in Bariloche Argentina with SASS Global Travel, the coaches, who happen to be some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world, cater to your every needs as a skier. Whether those “needs” be pushing yourself hiking further out into the backcountry, learning that backflip, or skiing waste deep powder and getting faceshots worthy of a powder magazine cover. With SGT you become a part of a family, ski some of the greatest runs of your life, make life long friends, and become immersed in the local Argentine culture”

[engine_panel title=”Timmy Taussig – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Timmy Taussig
“Snowboarding not only exercises the body physically but it also exercises your mind. Being surrounded by 360 degrees of mountain peaks that SASS provided in Argentina was a haven for my mind to freely think and get creative on some of the best terrain and conditions you could ask for. An experience that I will never forget and is something I want to get after again”

[engine_panel title=”Greg Hunt” – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Greg Hunt
“SGT kills it each year and if you dont sign up you’re dumb, nuff said”

[engine_panel title=”Carly Joseph – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Carly Joseph
“Going to Argentina last summer was one of the best decisions of my life. Even though at first I was little nervous to travel all the way to South America, it was totally worth it. There is never a dull moment at SGT. As if learning about and riding in the backcountry isn’t enough fun, I got to go trail running, build a splitboard, and eat lots of chocolate covered raspberries! The best part was making a ton of new friends that all love the mountains as much as I do. It is difficult to explain how awesome the experience was to my friends at home, but I tell them that the combination of epic backcountry hikes, knowledgeable coaches, and amazing food makes SGT a snowboarder’s heaven on earth”

[engine_panel title=”Ariel Karass” – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Ariel Karass
“My experience with SASS was no less than magical !!
I have progressed as a snowboarder about 10 times more !! The instructors/ guiders where encouraging, professional, knowledgable and approachable.
The facility, heated pools, trips, food and different programs that where offered where excellent !!!
I’m definitely going back and would recommend this to everyone!!!”

[engine_panel title=”Erin Dichiera – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
Erin Dichiera
“I met Travis Moore at the Burton US Open in Vermont back in 2009. He told me about SGT and got me really hyped on the idea that I could ride backcountry powder in the Andes mountains during [our] summer. At the time, I had very little snowboarding experience. I got a late start to the game (to say the least). Travis assured me that there were experienced coaches/guides available for all levels of riding. I was SOLD. I couldn’t wait to get down there! When I arrived, everything went smoothly. Transportation was easy and organized. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy the incredible scenery.
When I arrived at the hosteria, the staff greeted me and helped me to get settled in immediately. I was relaxing and making new friends in no time.
When it came time to hit the mountain, the guides were amazing. They’re so patient and ready to offer assistance and support. They know Cerro Caterdral extremely well and get you to the good stuff in no time. The snow was soft and deep and another storm was on the way!
Honestly, it’s tough for me to describe in words how special this place is. Admittedly, I’m a pretty emotional person, but on a number of occasions I would just stop…look around and get tears in my eyes because I felt so lucky to be enjoying such beautiful panoramas and having an unbelievable amount of fun at the same time!
Bariloche is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. I love the laid back, friendly culture and the food is amazing. Especially the beef and chocolate! If you like to drink wine, the quality is amazing and it’s pretty cheap. Overall, my experience was so wonderful that I came back again the next year…and the next 2 years after that (4 times in total).
I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with SGT in Argentina. I have made so many amazing memories and friends that I’m sure I will have for the rest of my life. My suggestion to anyone reading this is GO!!! You will not regret it. You will look back on this time in your life and be so grateful that you were lucky enough to have such an amazing adventure”

[engine_panel title=”Blaine Gallivan” – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Blaine Gallivan
“Staying with SGT Argentina is the best trip you will ever take, hands down. Where do I even begin? Theres plenty of reasons why I’ll keep coming back. Maybe it’s the endless cliffs, pillows, and pow n’ yer face. Or it’s the beautiful culture, delicious food and ridiculous scenery. Or, it could be the friendships and camaraderie with an amazing group of people. I would go down there just for the sole reason of hanging out with the staff, never mind skiing. They are all so friendly, talented and just plain badass! They will not let you have a bad time. Stop thinking about it before you even start and just go! You will not regret it. Promise!”

[engine_panel title=”David Lawrence – Adult Session 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#383838″ text_color=”#fff”]
David Lawrence
“SASS Your Mouth! This Trip is Bomb.

By: David (DL) Lawrence III

The SASS Crew is fantastic! From a professional administration group to world class guides, the SASS Adventure is perfect for any level.

I attended the last 2 weeks (Roxy Women’s week and Adult week). If you are a little older, these are definitely the weeks to go. Traveling on my own, I found the crew and attendees to be welcoming and ready to rip.

The guides’ knowledge of the mountain and attention to safety (beacon/probe/shovel mandatory) made me comfortable on every hike. Apres life is as exciting as you want to make it. Although the local commraderie and pool time is enough to put you to sleep by 10pm, if you are looking for something more the town of Bariloche is a 20 minute cab ride, offering all the night life amenities you could want from a big city.

Overall the experience was great and can’t wait to get back. Hope to see ya’ll there!”

[engine_panel title=”Chase Josey” – Under 18 2012″ corner=”square” color=”#616161″ text_color=”#fff”]
Chase  Josey
” first heard about SGT two years ago from a friend, Jack Hessler. While shredding back in the states, he told me all about how cool Argentina is, and how great the snowboarding is down there. Before too long, he had me hooked, and we soon began planning our trip together (his 2nd time, my 1st). Looking back, I can honestly say that I am so ecstatic and blessed to of had this opportunity. It was the most amazing snowboard trip I have ever been on. As I am now preparing for my 3rd summer in a row in Argentina, I can’t stop thinking about some of the events I remember from my first two trips:

-Shredding powder.
-Sending powder jumps.
-Ripping a HUGE mountain.
-Argentine asadas (tons of delicious food).
-Attempting to talk Spanish to local chicas y senoritas.
-Ping pong tournaments.
-Seeing the incredible city of Bariloche.
-Hanging with the coolest group of people who are there for the same reason as you. To ride a snowboard. BECAUSE WE LOVE IT.

All I can really say is that if you love snowboarding or skiing, you will without a doubt have a total blast in Cerro Catedral, AG. SGT has been the best camp I have ever been to! NO REGRETS. See you down south this summer”

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Wes Mills
“Riding dream lines during the summer… It couldn’t get better.

First off, SGT in Argentina is magical.
I have always been a huge skeptic of any sort of guided tour. Going into another country under the guidance, supervision, or control of an organization always brought about the musing of the elderly exiting tour buses in town squares to see only the polished cover of what that town really is. I’ve traveled to multiple continents on my own agenda, using only the advice I sought out myself.
Why would I want to go with a group to ski a resort I could find and shred on my own?
The answer, I found, was easy:
Amazing people, unprecedented guide/coach experience, and laissez-faire environment.
The people I met while in Argentina, both SGT staff and “campers,” were so friendly, accommodating, and genuinely rad individuals that the experience would be far inferior without them. On top of being great hosts, the guides and coaches were incredibly knowledgeable about the field of riding that they chose. The terrain was intimidating but having such competent guides made all the difference in feeling the comfort one deserves when on “vacation.” All the staff were incredibly personable and professional while also knowing how (and when) to have a good time.
My fear of a “tour bus” experience? I had all the freedom in the world once I arrived to Soulmax (home of SGT). All of the benefits of going with SGT were at my disposal when and if I chose them and I could still do all that I wanted when I wanted while in a beautiful country I was eager to explore.

My summer in Argentina was unforgettable. I still consistently meet with great friends I made while there and continue to smile at all the memories. I can’t wait to experience it all over again!”

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Shannon Glenn
“SGT enabled me to reach new heights, while riding some of the most unique terrain out there, completely changing my perspective on snowboarding”

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“I went to SGT Adult Camp in 2012 and there’s so many things that I can say. It was everything and more than what I was hoping for. First, let me say that I was a bit skeptical as it’s hard to follow the weather in South America from the US. I kept hearing there was no snow but Travis, reassured me there was tons of snow and he was right. The mountain has a huge amount of terrain and even though there was no snow at the base there was a whole other world in the top 2/3 rds of the mountain. If you want to get into the backcountry, get outside your comfort level, push your limits, learn new tricks, build jumps, make new friends, party, and everything in between SGT is totally worth it. I will definitely be back and I can’t wait to kill the lines that scared the hell out of me the me next time!”

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“I stumbled onto the SGT experience by sheer dumb luck after scouring the web to find a legit place to do summer snowboarding. I took a chance on SGT. Looking back, spending a week with SGT in Argentina was the best decision I ever made. Riding with the Roxy ladies was priceless and took me to the next level as a snowboarder–physically and mentally. The entire camp atmosphere gave me the positive boost I needed at a time when I needed it most. Can’t wait to do it again! No need to Google “summer snowboarding” anymore–Argentina with SGT is the place to be!”