puerto-plata-dr-northshore Cabarete, the Dominican Republic’s newest beachfront multi-sport destination, sits on a quiet stretch of the Amber Coast at the point of Cabarete Bay. We picked this spot to be able to provide a destination with the best ocean activities combined with a fun and educational cultural experience as well as the chance to hang out for a week or two with a famous artist, photographer, musician or pro athlete. Some of the world’s best wind conditions, with steady side-onshore winds especially in the afternoon, make it ideal for kiteboarders. And while the Dominican Republic lies under the radar of the larger Caribbean surf scene, it shares the same swell as Puerto Rico, without the crowds. Countless point and beach breaks sit hidden from the popular Encuentro beach crowds and a super-friendly local surf scene offers glassy morning sessions.  Flat water spots and amazing warm water make it great for the SUP crowd as well. The Dominican Republic is the ideal place to escape winter, and is one of the most accessible and reliable spots in the Caribbean.

After an early-morning flight, you’ll be walking out the front door of Porta del Mare and into the 84 degree water by early afternoon, ensuring you get the maximum number of sessions during your stay. Having the help of SGT and our local guides, you’ll be sure to find good vibes, uncrowded waves and perfect wind up and down the Amber Coast.  With the help of SGT surf guide Jesmarin Puente, Director of the Dominican Surfing Federation, you will discover the best surf and welcoming vibes from the locals.  From the four breaks you can see from the cliff at La Preciosa to the river mouth of La Boca, SGT makes hassle-free sessions in the DR a reality.  SGT is also one of the only operations offering intermediate and advanced kiteboarding lessons, having professional kiter Cameron Dietrich on staff to help you progress to a new level. Options exist for beginners as well with surf and kite lessons. Excursions to go stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, off-road motorbiking and horseback riding are available. So are yoga, spin classes and spa sessions.

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SGT Cabarete provides guests with a private poolside & beachfront luxury accommodations. Custom options exist for individuals to large and corporate groups, with options for long weekends to month-long excursions. If you bring your guitar, you can even make your Dominican debut with the SGT crew at a local show in town.

SGT Cabarete provides the most authentic Dominican Republic multi-sport and cultural experience available. SGT’s beachfront accommodations at the newly-constructed Porta Del Mare are located just outside town along Kite Beach — with surf, SUP and kiting right out your front door.

Are you involved in a company, group or club or perhaps you and a group of friends want to learn to surf, kiteboard or SUP or go on a new adventure together? Our staff has a wealth of experience in arranging the perfect group adventure. Cabarete provides the perfect environment for a group trip, especially when the group has mixed levels of abilities, due to the large variety of activities and the number of coaches we have on hand. Groups can be divided depending on what they want to do to ensure everyone has the most enjoyable time.

We have spent the last few months working incredibly hard to distinguish ourselves from other locations and feel the extras found at our SGT Cabarete operation will make your time with us even more enjoyable. Such extras include top quality food, spacious clean and comfortable accommodations, dedicated photographer and/or videographer to document your time with us, and the most professional and entertaining instructors and ground staff in the business.

Come make new friends, share the lifestyle and have a great holiday with other groups, single travelers and people from all around the world in the Dominican Republic’s beautiful seaside retreat of Cabarete.

This is the ultimate in holidays.

You & your friends, teammates or coworkers spending quality time together – surfing, kiting, SUP’ing, chilling out, having a few drinks, telling stories, watching videos of your day – sharing an experience you will never forget for the rest of your lives.

Call 1.800-851-4660 for more info on custom trip options

The SGT Cabarete signature experience will return again in Fall 2013. Interested in learning more or finding out about custom trips? Click Here.

Contact us at 800.851.4660
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