Kite With a Pro

This is an opportunity to simply ride with a pro – a chance not many get over the course of the year. See what they do and incorporate it into your game. You take what you want from these sessions. If you want advice, just ask and they will explain. If you want to just want to watch and ride with one of the best kiters this is your chance.

Pro Coaching

Coaching is for driven riders that are looking to improve certain portions of their kiting. If you feel you are stuck and need just an hour of tips or a whole day of coaching this is an opportunity for more experienced kiters to have a pro give you technique tips that will build on your core riding skills and help you advance your tricks and riding style.

Multi-Day Coaching Clinics

These Clinics are 3 or 5 day clinics. They will build on your core skill set, gives you a strong knowledge base, and helps you put it into practice. We will give you classroom knowledge and put it to practice everyday. As we progress through the clinic, we will practice the information with coaches giving pointers allowing for repeated drilling of techniques taught on the beach. The Clinics will cover the following areas:

1) Freestyle

Here we want to increase your jumping abilities. If you just want to go huge or learn your rotations we will help and give you a good base to progress and meet your goals.

2) Wakestyle

Here you need a core set of skill that allow you to ride powered, control your speed, unhook, pull inverted rotations and do handle passes this will help you stomp your way to success.

3) Surfing

In the surf, you have to feel comfortable. This will get you there if its knowledge or practical skills in different situations we will provide the coaching you need to get the glide you want.


Cabarete is know for its Downwinders. There are several options. There is the shorter La Boca-Equentro or the full length Las Kanas to Kitebeach with a nice lunch break at La Boca.
With the Downwinders we will be transported from Kitebeach by SGT ground transportation to either Las Kanas or La Boca to start our down winder. You will be guided by a pro and followed by a safety assistant.

Advanced Kite Clinic Pricing

  • $50/person/hour
  • Kiteboard Equipment Rental: $68/day or $298/week
  • If you are interested in taking an advanced kite clinic with us, please mention so when you fill out the inquiry form on the Cabarete page. Head back to the Cabarete page by clicking here.