Traveling to Cabarete

Choose a direct flight for the airport of Puerto Plata (POP code).

A valid passport is required by all nationalities for entry. Check your nations Embassy for Visa requirements (not required for the United States or Canada).

A Tourist Card must be purchased upon arrival at the airport. Currently the price is US $10. Keep a copy with you at all times. It must be presented to officials upon departure, otherwise you will have to pay an Airport Departure Tax about US $20.

When you arrive at the airport you will go through immigration and pick up any checked luggage in baggage claim. Once outside the airport you will find many young Dominican men eager to help you with your baggage who expect a tip. Two US dollars or 40 RD$ is a good tip. If you don’t want to feel pressured to tip, you should insist that they not pick up your bags. Do not pay any money at customs.

Once outside, expect to see a member of the SGT ground staff waiting to take you down to Cabarete.

Porta del Mare is about 20 minutes’ drive from Puerto Plata Airport.

For your departure you will have to pay a departure tax of $20 USD.
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General Information on the Dominican Republic

The Currency is the Dominican Peso (RD$).  The exchange rate is about 38 Dominican Pesos to the US dollar.

The Language is Spanish. English is spoken in tourist areas.

The Time Zone is GMT -5 hours

The Electricity is 110/120-volt alternating current, 60 hertz. An American adapter plug is recommended.

The Dialing Code for Cabarete is: 001 (809) +local no.

Mobile network: UK and European mobiles do work most of the time.

The Internet: there are several internet cafés nearby and there is wireless internet connection at Porta del Mare.

The Climate is tropical with temperatures around the mid-80’s (Farenheit). For the cooler evenings during winter and the air-conditioned rooms a light pullover is advisable.

Important Phone Numbers

Medical Centre Cabarete : 001 (809) 571 0964 (Open 24 Hours)

Puerto Plata Medical centre: 001 (809) 586-2342 / 001 (809) 586-4140

Address of Medical centre in Puerto Plata:

Centro Médico Bournigal, Antera Mota Street, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, PO BOX #25

Email medical centre in Puerto Plata:

Ambulance Service

There is a private nationwide service called “Movi-med” It operates in Santo Domingo , Santiago , Puerto Plata and La Romana. Telephone numbers are as follows:

Santo Domingo : 532-0000 (area code 809) Santiago : 587-333 (area code 809) Puerto Plata: 970-0707 (area code 809)

Full payment is required at time of transport.

Consulates and Embassies

All Consulates & Embassies are located in Santo Domingo . All numbers have local area code of (809)

Canada Consulate & Embassy : 685-1136

France Embassy : 682-2605/689-2161

EU Consulate : 540-5837 E-mail:

Germany Consulate : 565-8811

GB Embassy:472-7111/472-7671

USA Consulate & Embassy : 221-2171 E-mail:
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