If you are at all into kitesurfing, you have seen him in numerous magazines and maybe even at your home spot. Cameron Dietrich has spent his last 9 years traveling the world kiting, surfing and promoting the sport, and Cabarete has always been one of the places he calls a home base. Now, after taking a new turn in his professional career, Cameron is back in Cabarete, only this time to settle… at least to the point a pro kitesurfer can settle.

There is no doubt that Cameron Dietrich has a passion for what he does. His passion was strong enough to put a stop to his initial plan of obtaining a medical degree and pursuing a life as a doctor. The ocean and the wind interrupted that plan, and it has never been on Cameron’s agenda to return to medical school. With great support from family and friends, the young and prosperous athlete did what so many young talents dream about. Take the leap, go for it, and make it happen. Cameron did, and today he is once again taking a step towards new directions in the sport, after leaving his 9 year long relationship with Cabrinha.


Cameron Dietrich: Cabrinha MyRide

“I had 9 good years on the Cabrinha team, but when it was time to move on, I recognized that and made a decision based on business directions. After Cabrinha decided to make changes in their brand management, my vision didn’t seem to match their new approach and I feel good about having new opportunities on hand that give me the possibility of developing new ideas in new directions. I am excited to continue my path in kiteboarding and see where it takes me,” Cameron said.

Being a multi-sport talent with excellent experience on all levels of the sport, Cameron is on the verge of starting his own camps and clinics to help develop a higher level for advanced riders. Cabarete is for Cameron a natural place to start off on his new journey, cooperating with local schools and new additions of sports travel groups about to establish in Cabarete.

“After coming and going, keeping Cabarete as one of my home spots for the past decade, I am fortunate to have great connections to the local kiteboarding industry. Developing projects with business owners like Audrey Meyer, Laurel Eastman and Jonathan Dodds is high on my list and something that can have a positive influence on the sport and the riders, not only locally, but internationally. Cabarete is a hub in kiteboarding and is a great place to help people increase their skills and love for the sport. I will mainly focus on intermediate to advanced level, and it’s a priority to spice up the riders experience with the passion that surrounds the riding itself. It’s a package, and I like to keep the ability to feel like a kid when practicing the sport, without glorifying the part of being a professional athlete. There’s so much more to it and I want to share this with others.”

Recently, Cameron has been approached by several companies to join efforts and create new connections and cooperation. So far, any new sponsorship contracts are staying a secret with Cameron. Whether or not he will be seen under a new brand’s flag or not remains to be seen, but one item on his to-do list has been agreed upon.  A new Cabarete mutli-sport destination is to be launched with Cameron on the staff list. Internationally renowned adventure travel brand Sass Global Travel is expanding their services from snow-related activities to open a new operation focused on water sports like surfing, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding in Cabarete. Cameron was approached to offer his services as an expert professional kiteboarder and share his knowledge with the new SGT Cabarete Project. “I’m excited to get started on the project with SGT and be a part of attracting more awareness about the sport and Cabarete,” Cameron says. “There’s definitely progression and development happening in Cabarete, with some big steps in motion. The future looks good.”

Cabarete is a dear place to Cameron and most of all he is dedicated to the warmth of the local people and the embracing culture to be found here.  “I’ve always been taken by the way the Dominicans welcome people and their loving nature. I am a bit worried about the fact that they are being closed off from access to their natural heritage. It’s unfortunate if the development of the local community keeps limiting their access to using what belongs to them and their culture. I hope this will change in the future and open up for more cooperation between local and foreign interests. I’m afraid a development in the wrong direction will build resentment instead of a healthy synergy. Cabarete is a true gem, a unique place and I’d like to continue seeing smiling Dominicans embracing the important tourism existing here.”


Cam Kitesurfing in Cabarete

After visiting a large number of tourist destinations around the world, Cameron confirms what has already been stated by so many. Cabarete is one of very few, maybe 2 or 3 places around the world, where you actually don’t really have to leave the bay to live a complete life.  “There might be a couple places in Asia that can compete with the uniqueness of Cabarete, but there are for sure not many. Apart from the amazing conditions, nature and loving people, the location and accessibility makes it something out of the ordinary. You can walk anywhere; have your dinner with sand under your feet while watching incredible sunsets, shop, play and meet people from all over the world. To top it off, the US is a couple hours away, Europe a few more, and anything is basically possible in Cabarete. It’s a unique place. A true gem worth visiting.  I am definitely making this my home base from now on.”

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