SASS PUERTO RICO: Rincón Surf Resort at Casa Verde – Rincón, Puerto Rico

Experience the all-new Rincón Surf Resort at Casa Verde. Join SASS and the Rincón Surf Resort at our all-new location steps from Sandy Beach, allowing you to take your surfing to the next level in glorious 80-degree water with support and instruction by the coaching staff at Rincon Surf School.


After just one visit to our new home, Rincón Surf Resort at Casa Verde, you will fall in love with the casual vibe of this relaxing and affordable family friendly surfers’ getaway in Rincón, Puerto Rico. Tucked away in the secluded western coast of Puerto Rico, our intimate 19-room hotel welcomes you with charming, comfortable accommodations.
The Rincón Surf Resort at Casa Verde offers a warm, personalized alternative to larger, chain-style hotels. Rich with a wanderer’s spirit, the hotel captures the essence of Puerto Rico’s surf culture while offering effortless access to majestic sunsets and world-class scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.
Join and discover why so many visitors choose to keep this beautiful little corner of Puerto Rico all to themselves. You’ll find surf lessons from Rincón Surf School designed for skill progression alongside a like-minded crew of surfers here for the same thing: good waves and good times.
The island of Puerto Rico is an amazing destination and we want to make sure you get to experience the culture, beaches, waterfalls and other activities for which Puerto Rico is famous. This experience is built so that you can truly progress with immediate access to the experts.

Our goal is not just to get you to stand up on a surfboard, but rather to walk away with a deeper understanding of the sport, new skills and a smile on your face. SASS Puerto Rico utilizes the Rincón Surf School for all lessons, coaching, and instruction. As the longest operating surf school in Rincón, you can be confident that our staff has the experience and knowledge to help push your surfing to the next level whether that means catching your first wave and building on that success or taking the skills you already have and expanding on them to  build a solid foundation for years of surfing to come.

We keep our surfer to coach ratio at a maximum of 3 to 1 and make sure you stick with the same coach each day in order to build a working relationship that sets the platform for progression.

Our proven progression platform is the most efficient path to becoming a surfer. Our 3-hour lessons are specifically tailored to maximize your energy and not overwhelm you with too much information each day. Instead, we want to focus on simple and concise instruction in digestible chunks that build a strong foundation and set you up for future success. The progression model we have developed provides a consistent framework but does not limit our coaches who will customize their approach to you. Additionally, dryland orientations, video analysis, and group technique discussions are designed to complement the time spent in the water.

Our Thanksgiving Surf Camp blends excitement and progression into a curated 7 Night / 8 Day itinerary. Your exact itinerary may vary depending on your exact flight schedule.


  • Day 0 (Friday) – Depart the Main Land around midnight.

  • Day 1 (Saturday) – You arrive in Rincón, snag your rental car, make your way to the Rincón Surf Resort and check into your room. A brief meet and greet before bed gets you the lay of the land and sets you up for success.

  • Day 2 (Sunday) – Your first day in the water starts with a full dryland orientation tailored to your skill level. You pick up your “Grab-N-Go” breakfast at the resort office before jumping in the car and heading to the nearest surf break. After your morning in the water you grab some lunch at Casa Isleña before relaxing in the afternoon. Your evening finishes with a WELCOME DINNER with the crew in downtown Rincón.

  • Day 3 (Monday) – Now that our team has seen you surf, we work to place you in the best group fitting your goals, ability, and desire to be “pushed” beyond your comfort zone. Your afternoon is spent on the beach utilizing the resort’s snorkel gear and beach chairs. Taking our advice, you have the best fish tacos you’ve ever had for dinner before getting some rest for tomorrow.

  • Day 4 (Tuesday) – Your crew tries out a different location and you learn a new break. After brunch, you choose to chill by the pool in a hammock before heading back out for a sunset freesurf to practice your new skills.

  • Day 5 (Wednesday) – After 3 days of surfing, rest is required. After morning yoga on the beach, you head down to the English Rose for an unreal breakfast with the whole crew. In the afternoon you jump into a van and head over to the bioluminescent bay for a kayak tour and dinner on the beach.

  • Day 6 (Thursday) – With a day of rest under your belt, its time to get back out there. Your morning surf lesson is focused on refining the skills we have worked on already and getting you to start making your own decisions out in the water. Your finish your day with THANKSGIVING DINNER with the SASS Family and the crew nearby.

  • Day 7 (Friday) – For your last lesson you focus on the foundation we have built and begin to see the results of your hard work. You work with your coach on techniques for future improvement.

  • Day 8 (Saturday) – Your flight home doesn’t depart until the afternoon or evening so you take advantage to catch one more wave on your own to really solidify all that you have learned. High-fives and hugs follow as you say goodbye to the crew.

SASS Puerto Rico was designed to create a progression oriented surf camp that allows you to really learn what it takes to become a surfer. We provide everything you need and so much more. Here are the top five reasons to choose SASS Puerto Rico…

  1. Don’t waste your days figuring out the right break or proper board – You made it all the way to Puerto Rico, don’t waste your first few days figuring out the area searching for good waves. Let us show you to the best conditions available and the size waves you are looking for starting day one.

  2. Professional ISA Certified Coaches – Our coaching staff loves to see you succeed. These guys are serious surfers that have devoted their lives to the pursuit of the next wave and will be sure to pass along not only their extensive experience and knowledge but also their passion for this sport.

  3. Travel Logistics Support – Lost baggage assistance, rental car help, years of experience; we have dealt with it all and know exactly how to take the headache out of getting here.

  4. Local Knowledge – We know the restaurants with the best fish tacos, the spots with the evening drink deals and the shops with the best gifts to bring home.

  5. New Friends – As soon as you arrive at the resort you will have a whole crew of like-minded travelers to share this experience with. The SASS Family is real and you will be welcomed with open arms. JOIN US.

Additional benefits include: Rental fleet including a variety of shapes and sizes of surf boards, our experienced coaches, the food, our island concierge, ping pong, the progression learning platform, photo packages, video packages, and much more…






Set in a location that provides consistent waves SASS Puerto Rico is all about progression. We surf for 3 hours every morning in small groups selected to make sure you are with other people of a similar ability level. With a maximum of a 3 to 1 surfer to coach ratio, you will always have the support and instruction you need. We specifically choose the best break each morning depending on conditions. We will never put you in waves that are well outside of your comfort zone, but we will push you with guidance to improve and become more comfortable in the water.

Most afternoons you will have the ability to take advantage of our “free surf” time. With access to our entire rental surfboard quiver, you can use this as an opportunity to practice what you have learned.

Located on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast, Rincon is known for its spectacular sunsets, picturesque beaches and the best surfing in the Caribbean. Situated on a point break at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the town became a haven for Puerto Rican and mainland surfers following the arrival of the World Championships of Surfing in 1968.

Today, Rincon has grown to a year-round population of 15,000, but Rincon’s small town charm hasn’t faded. Large hotel chains are noticeably absent, with small family-owned boutique hotels, inns and guest houses being the norm. The town has a developed tourism infrastructure, including two supermarkets, dozens of restaurants, beach bars, surf shops and a growing local artist community. The downtown plaza has been revived in recent years, best experienced at its weekly Thursday Art Walk when the entire downtown area overflows with local artisans, residents and tourists enjoying warm evenings over craft beer, pitorro (Puerto Rican moonshine) and freshly made empanadillas. Both English and Spanish are widely spoken.

Visitors can easily access Rincon with five daily flights from New York (JetBlue, United) and Florida (JetBlue, Spirit) to nearby Aguadilla Airport (BQN), located just 30 minutes away. Alternatively, the much larger San Juan Int’l Airport (SJU) is a 2.5 hour scenic trip across the island. No passport is required for US residents. Ready to plan your trip? Inquire now.

One of the best things about Rincón is its position on a peninsula on the north-west corner of Puerto Rico. This means that we have access to good waves with multiple wind directions. If the waves are too big here in town, we have easy access to other breaks up north that may be a bit better for beginners. If the wind is onshore down the hill, we can move around the point and get the more preferred onshore direction.

With over 10 go-to surf breaks within about 20 minutes of the Rincon Surf Resort, we pretty much always have options to get you out in the water. Additionally, this variety of different breaks gives you an opportunity to learn about different wave patterns and improve in different conditions.

Pretty much all breaks here in Puerto Rico are reef breaks. This means it is important to know the entrances and exits at each break. Luckily your surf coach will utilize his/her experience to show you exactly how its done.

We take your health and safety seriously. We’re complying with all COVID19 prevention policies published by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to keep our staff and guests safe!

Our facilities at the Rincon Surf Resort at Casa Verde have backup generators and a reserve water supply in place for guests’ comfort and security. If you have any questions about safety and/or security, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-787-823-0610 — or just INQUIRE NOW!


Rincón Surf School offers surf lesson packages at Rincón Surf Resort at Casa Verde! RSSoaches have completed a minimum of an International Surf Association (ISA) Level I Surf Coaching Course through the Puerto Rico Surf Federation (FSPR) and hold both a CPR and Lifeguard Certification. Many are current or past professional surfers and have surfed all over the world. We work together, play together and want to share our experience, knowledge, and penchant for a good time with every single one of our clients.






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