Rincon was first made famous when it hosted the 1968 World Surfing Championships, and has been hosting the best surfers in the industry ever since. Rincon’s location, a point on the northwest corner of the island of Puerto Rico, ensures that from September through March we catch swell from many directions and two different massive bodies of water (the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean).

Rincon has flexibility, in number of spots and in aspects, so that a short drive can ensure good waves any day there’s swell, no matter the wind direction. It’s because of this that pros like Kelly Slater regularly make the trip to Rincon to surf spots like Maria’s, Tres Palmas, and Domes Beach. With waves that can range from casual longboard cruisers to twenty-foot suicide bombs, this corner of Puerto Rico is the capital of the Atlantic surfing universe.

SGT will provide you with the best experience in Puerto Rico through the Rincon Surf School. SGT is headquartered out of the Rincon Surf School ensuring that you will always receive the unparalleled SGT experience. After arriving is Rincon you immediately have friends. Just stick your head into the shop and ask SGT owner Travis Moore where to get some food or  SGT Argentina Program Director Lucas Moore where to grab a beer away from the crowds. They will probably come with you. No need to read a brochure or stumble around town. You will get the real lifestyle and not just the tourist spots. At SGT we actually live the experience everyday, which is why we can show you how to have the time of your life.

Through the Rincon Surf School we can help facilitate any and all needs or desires you may have on your trip. Need a sweet place to stay? We will put you at the best spots in Rincon at discounted prices. We simply call our friends, neighbors and partners. SGT makes travel easy and safe, putting you in position to only worry about your tan and how good your cutback looks.

SGT has created one of the most unique surfing experiences in a spot increasingly known for its uniformity. Come join SGT in Rincon for an unreal and sustainable surf expedition only hours from your door.

The closest airport to Rincon is Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (BQN). JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, and Continental Airlines all service Aguadilla

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