levitationprojectheader  Levitation Project is the official producer of SGT apparel, soft goods, and accessories. L.P. also provides media production for SGT. Both organizations work closely together to create unique collaborations. L.P. & SGT also work very hard to help each organization meet their needs in reference to feedback, product testing, and visual direction. SGT is ecstatic to start this partnership in 2012 and only improve each others operations into the future.

Anon Optics

anonheader  Anon optics are changing the way snowboarding is viewed through an intense process of rider driven testing & development. SGT & Anon are partnering up for again to outfit our clients, staff & coaches in the best. SGT could not be happier to see the world the Anon way, clearly.


redheader  RED protective wear is the leader in advancing safety and technology in the snowboard industry. SGT Argentina is teaming up with the RED to outfit our incredible staff, coaches & clients with the latest and greatest protective equipment available. The components of each RED helmet work together to provide the best in safety, comfort, fit and style. With every product RED fuses protection with performance, so riders can focus on progress


lan-partner-page-image_0 LAN Airlines is the official airline of SASS Argentina, and provides discounted airfare rates to SASS clients all the way to Bariloche. LAN provides amazing service to its passengers and is the premiere airline accessing South America today. SASS Global Travel represents LAN on its East Coast tour and actively promotes it as the best airline for adventures setting their sites on the Southern Hemisphere.


soulmaxheader_0 Soulmax is the official lodging partner of SASS Global Travel Argentina. Soulmax provides multiple lodging options for the clients of SGT Argentina, all within 200-yards of the Cerro Catedral Patagonia Alta lifts. SGT & Soulmax offer private lodge strictly reserved for SGT Argentina clients in the Lodge in addition to beautiful 4-and 6-person apartments. The campus at Soulmax features a priviate indoor/outdoor heated pool, game room, satellite television, 24-hour security, full-service dinning room, live-on site staff and large lobbies.


contour-partner-page-image Contour is the official hands-free HD video camera of SGT. From capturing traveling timelapses to billygoat lines in Laguna to Skylar and Coulter’s insane backcountry splitboard routine, we’ve found more uses for their cameras than we can talk about. Be sure to check out SGT’s profile on the Contour site for all the latest POV videos from Argentina.


sgt-air-partner-page-image SGT Air, our independent travel agency division, was started in 2010 in order to bring a full-service travel agency under the SGT umbrella. Run by Daniel Freitas, SGT Air can book discounted LAN flights to Bariloche for SASS clients and act as our “in-house” full-service agency to book hotels, airfare, rental cars, or other elements of our clients’ trips. Daniel brings his extensive history in the corporate & leisure travel world to bear for SGT clients and their itineraries.


bca-partner-page-image Backcountry Access is the snow industry leader in backcountry technology and equipment, and is the exclusive avalanche equipment supplier for SGT Argentina. From having all clients riding with Tracker beacons to teaching the SNC AIARE Level 1 courses with BCA Snow Study kits to getting clients touring for the first time on Alpine Trekkers and climbing skins, we use BCA products day in and day out.


  CerroCatedralHeader Catedral Alta Patagonia, South America’s largest resort, has been the homebase for our South America Snow Sessions operations since 2007. Situated in the beautiful lakes region of Bariloche, Argentina, Catedral has over 1,500 acres of in-bounds terrain with another 1,500 acres of easily-accessed sidecountry, with some of the best tree skiing in the world to open bowls, steep chutes, cliffs, a terrain park, and endless backcountry operations. SASS has worked to produce imagery every year for Catedral’s marketing collateral while promoting the resort as one of the great freeride destinations in South America.



wulcon-energy-partner-page-image SASS Global Travel has been working with Wulcon Energy to develop its sustainability strategy and initiatives worldwide as well as local projects in Argentina. Wulcon was started by a former SASS Argentina client, Martin Wainstein, and is one of the pioneers of the Argentine sustainability movement. SASS also works with Wulcon on its in-house carbon offset program, available to clients on any trip, which develops rural solar energy projects in Argentina with the help of the Ecoandina Foundation. Want to learn more about the South America Snow Sessions program? Click here. Interested in partnering with SGT on their SASS Argentina program? Download the 2011 SASS Partner Pack and then send an e-mail to Ryan Dunfee, Director of Communications, at ryan@sassglobaltravel.com Photo credit: Ashley Barker, Tommy Tikos-Kadji, Blotto, Ryan Denning, Ben Girardi, EcoAndina Foundation