Advanced Kiteboarding with YK Kites

[blockquote]For independent riders, hooking up with Yucatan Kiteboarding for your kiteboarding vacation on Isla Holbox brings your experience to the next level.[/blockquote]

Inverted YK’s full time boat support opens up the world downwind. YK’s kiteboarding director selects the riding spot each day with the entire group in mind. Get dropped off miles upwind of the newbies to embark on your shredding quest through the tropical breeze. While the lessons are ramping up, you’re already out on the water killing it, with the YK captain keeping tabs on you and getting the boat into position for our photographer to capture it all from the best angle. And should anything go amiss we’re there to scoop you up and get you sorted. Our wind is world-class, but when it drops, we’ll pack it in for you and toss you the tow rope.

Private advanced instruction is available by appointment. Matt Meyer, our sponsored team rider (Lift Kiteboarding, DCKites) can take your progression to the next level with customized hourly coaching. Whether its nailing those back and front rotations, looping transitions, getting the most out of your pop to stick your next unhooked wake-style move, or just boosting huge air. Matt will cover the basics, the common pitfalls and provide individuaized analysis. Advanced instruction starts with a discussion of your goals, so be sure to talk to Matt at the meet & greet about turning your riding up a notch.

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