Getting Shacked by overhead waves, beautiful beaches, amazing local Puerto Rican food, and living in sustainable bamboo tree houses; that’s what the SGT crew is doing right now in Rincon, Puerto Rico. As one of the SGT product lines, the SGT crew thought it was time to test the Rincon surf trip while living in bamboo tree houses.

The night we arrived, we found our a way to our beds, and woke up to a site that not everyone gets to see everyday. After climbing down a 2-story sustainable bamboo tree hut and scarfing a quick breakfast, we were offered the choice of a morning surf session 2 minutes away, cruising around town on our skateboards and hitting up the local skate parks, or a mango hunt through the bamboo forest to the beautiful mango trees perched right on top of a hill. And of course, we did it all. SGT came for 6 days, and felt like they stayed there for 6 weeks. We came, we got shacked, and we destroyed it Puerto Rico style.