What do you get when friends old and new come together for the most epic and memorable  global adventure? We would call that the SASS Experience, and you just drank the punch.  

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You’re probably thinking, what in the world is SASS Global Travel? You’re right, but we would like to rephrase it saying “where in the world is SASS Global Travel”. Our mission statement is as follows:


“To share our passion for travel and progression by providing the platform to reach the next level on snow and in the water around the globe while growing and supporting the SASS family.”


A group of friends at SASS Canada enjoying their sled-assist backcountry session. Photo: @bengirardi




SASS, or Surf And Snow Sessions, was born with the passion to push the limits of skiing and riding in the backcountry snow environment. Always being chasers of the winter months, we found ourselves searching for waves in the summer months. What better way to compliment a nice frosty snow session than lounging in flip flops on the beach chasing a new kind of peak. Naturally, we love anything around the concept of pushing ourselves and clients to get into unfamiliar territory to gain more knowledge about our inner selves. Enter global travel.


Looking for new terrain the only way we know in SASS Canada. Photo: @bengirardi


One of the best parts about SASS is that it provides a practical and safe atmosphere for anyone to explore the reaches of backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Aside from the platform for backcountry education, there was also time to bring my freestyle past into a new world while taking my riding into the natural big mountain powder terrain.

– Chase Josey Olympic Men’s Halfpipe Team from PyeongChang 2018 and 5 years with SASS Argentina


Chase Josey flying high over SASS Argentina. Ben G with the shot and Hazen Woolsen with the photo and video packages       available for add-ons on any SASS trip. Photo: @bengirardi




Sure, skiing, boarding or surfing your local spots are great and all, but don’t you ever wonder if the powder is deeper or the waves are bigger on the other side? This is where we separate ourselves from those other common travel companies. With 15 years in Argentina, 5 years in Japan, 7 years in Puerto Rico, and 2 official years operating in Canada it’s safe to say we are the most professional, dialed-in travel company in the game.


Argentine Asado night is Thursday night every week. Photo: @bengirardi


We had an awesome time surfing with Tito, Jay and Derek. All great instructors for me, my husband and 8 year old daughter. They were extremely patient and enthusiastic given that my daughter and I are beginners. It was a great introduction to surfing for my daughter – who caught tons of waves and can’t wait to go back. Thanks to Travis for organizing a memorable time for a our family!

– lsteele76  TripAdvisor Review


Private group lesson of 8 walking out at Dogman’s break. Photo: @spikecrs




On our surf side of the operations, we are set in a location that provides consistent waves and easy access for travelers, the Rincón Surf School is the longest-running surf school in Rincón, Puerto Rico. We teach, coach and challenge everyone from novice to advanced surfers. Our staff is made up of true watermen that will help you take your ability and knowledge to the next level.


Sunset on the beach behind the Rincon Surf School and Resort for SASS Puerto Rico. Photo: @spikecrs


Our belief in the entire experience elevates our commitment to service. Our goal is not just to get you to stand up on a surfboard, but rather to walk away with a deeper understanding of the sport, new skills and a smile on your face.


The infamous end of session farewell barn party and dinner.




The SASS staff and guides are organized, totally on point, and ridiculously fun to ride with. They know their terrain inside and out, leading the way to always fresh, always sick spots.

– Jordan Kramer


A stoked group taking a photo break during their SASS Japan session.


Whether it’s the backcountry guiding, the sunset surf sessions in Puerto Rico, exploring a foreign country local style, trying out authentic Argentine BBQ, fresh off the boat sushi from Japan, and becoming apart of the SASS family, one thing that is for sure is we want to keep growing the stoke!


Jay Deschene

SASS Global Travel