Hey boys and girls!  Our trip to the Black Diamond Lodge in Niseko, Japan generated some serious interest during our launch – many of you saw the light and now want to go to the Far East and shred deep, light, untracked lines, pillows, and trees this winter with one of the most unique outposts in the shred world.

This could be you come December…   JP Auclair  P: David Levin

Well to motivate you a little bit, we’re offering a 15% discount on the Power Trip – your own all-terrain vans, guides, and backcountry touring gear to do and go wherever you want to go shred on the island of Hokkaido for 7 days – you basically roll like a pro on a week-long mission.  There are still spots available for the final Power Trip going down Jan. 22-29, so check out the details or call us a 1.800.851.4660 to book – the discount is good only until the end of the month!!

This van, and those guides, could be yours for a week.

JP & Chris Benchetler on their own Power Trip…