So two years ago, when I was messing around at the vallet desk while I was working in Aspen, I watched a video about skiing in Niseko, Japan, after which point I nearly quit my job to be on Skype full-time calling kichens in Niseko for interviews and to plan my next season in Japan.

Turns out it was actually THIS video that made me feel that way – “En Route: Japan” by our friends Eric Pollard, Pep Fujas, and Chris Benchetler at Nimbus Independent.

Check it out (from 17:45 is what made me want to quit), and remember that once you’re done salivating over the neck-deep pow, you only have 4 more days to save $250 on the Jan. 22-29 PowerTrip to the Black Diamond Lodge in Niseko, the very same spot these guys slayed.