Holidays or not, the SGT Tour with Sierra Nevada College and Flat Rate Moving keeps on cruisin’.  Tuesday we went to Castleton State College in Vermont for a visit, then after some turkey and mom grub Thanksgiving day it was back to spreading the good word…

The Moore brother reppin’ SGT hard at the Portsmouth premiere of the Modern Collective’s Innerception.

Friday we joined local surf shop and my former employer (from waaaay back) Cinnamon Rainbows to premiere the Modern Collective’s new surf film, Innerception.  After a stack of prizes including Dakine packs and a GoPro camera, it was onto extracurriculars in Portsmouth.

Saturday we were at the absolutely packed Rye Airfield for the Granite Gorge/Steez Mini Mag/SGT Jibba Jabba rail jam.  The GG crew packed in heaps of ice rink snow from all over Seacoast NH for the super fun setup, including a down-bar, “the crippler,” and a small box to culvert pipe.

The setup for the Jibba Jabba rail jam.

The ladies were slaying!  Backside tailpress

Some of the best rail riders from New England were out, including Queen City Rail Jam all-stars like Dylan Draggata and Ben Ross, who was absolutely crushing it!  In the end, our homie Brendon Honneycut ended up walking away from the hard-fought and exhausting rail jam with first place and $500.  Congrats boyee!!!

After Steez Mini Mag’s Industry Dodgeball on Saturday night (press release and results coming soon!), I headed up for some icy first turns of the season at Sunday River.  Ankle’s feeling good but man is it tough to get stoked on ice when everyone on Facebook seems to be slaying pow out west right now!  Still a good time – check out Jesse Huffman’s recap of the Vermont opening weekend on ESPN.  Can’t wait to ski real snow at Lodge Theory as soon as we get some lake effect up there!