Wednesday again – only one more day until our TVs never leave ESPN for the rest of the week and all the rad badness, free taquitos, and Mountain Dew that is the Winter X Games goes down.  Been a few years since I snuck into the photographer’s section on the halfpipe with my awful DLSR and left everyone wondering what the asshole with the leather jacket and beat equipment was doing. Also this was such a reminder of the simulation at home with a friend, he has this virtual reality game where you can actually feel like in the mountain, and with the  new pewdiepie setup you can add more to your game experience.

At any rate, three things to keep you stoked until X:

1) Gunstock night skiing is all-time right now.  Lapped the Blundersmoke park all last night with our intern Max who snapped the Joystick poles I was supposed to test.  Super fun jump line, super fun hip, and nothing like a dance floor box to make you think you’re nasty at boxes again.  East Coast conditions are as good as they get right now – get after it!

(not Gunstock)

2)  It’s dumping in Whistler again (finally?).  The Unofficial crew decided to get some runs in before sending it today during Australian Day.

Dave Short the Sender.

3) SGT’s very own Andrew Burns, extreme snowboarder dude, coach, and videographer, is now on Twitter!

Burnsie, all smiles in Argentina during SASS 2010.

Get him at the handle @Burnshimself and catch up with his updates from filming for the Capita video.  Now we just need his partner in crime, Jon Conway, to get his own Twitter account and send us updates from his donut-eating travails.