Piles of soaked outerwear, scratched goggles, tour equipment in a giant mess in the back of the tour car, and exhaustion so heavy we can barely open our eyes this Monday… yup, the 29th annual US Open went down and went down hard.  Despite the fact that we were paying for last year’s picture-perfect weather with a very New England blend of fog, rain, snow, sleet, ice, sun, warm, and cold, Stratton’s Sun Bowl venue was slammed all weekend long with X-Games crowds filing through and grabbing up every sticker, postcard, and pair of SASS sunglasses we could put on the table.

Getting ready to watch the men’s superpipe finals.

Crowds gather outside the SASS Global tent.

These guys completed almost 50 half-naked pushups for a pair of SASS glasses!

From stickers to SNC info. to videos to homies to bullhorns to clients and the SASSquatch, the SGT tent was at going at full throttle all weekend long.

Even our homies from Steez Magazine were in the parking lot going guerrilla with some truly hideous orange ponchos.  Thanks again to our boy Andy “The Great” Bablo for running the SASS Physical Challenge for a pair of Anon Goggles this weekend.