Interns are an integral part of the office experience – they sit around and nag you while you’re trying to work, ask for gear, poke you with ski poles, avoid anything resembling hard work, and eavesdrop on important meetings while pounding disgusting BK breakfast plates that would send a normal person into a digestive tailspin.

Max Santeusanio has been our devoted intern for almost a year now.  An opportunistic young man who never missed a chance to score (steal) a pair of goggles from our gear closet or a free ride to Vermont to ski, Max honed the art of working just hard enough to keep himself involved while simultaneously skiing as much as humanly possible.  He’s now moved on to the den of action sports industry sin, Southern California, to intern under the guidance of Powder Magazine’s Photo Editor, the indefatigable David Reddick.  While we are bummed we weren’t able to keep Max around long enough to teach him how to pole plant, we’re proud of his small contribution to our growing company.  As you can see above, Powder is already allocating proper intern responsibilities to Max – forcing him to cook waffles for the entire staff.  We stand by it, and wish Max the best of luck on his newest adventure.

-The SASS Global Travel crew