Big Boulder Resort, PA

Born in Florida, it was hard to wrap my head around what my dad would talk about as his favorite feeling in the world, on thin little blades, clipping through the snow. Then when I was 8 we moved out of the city and in the Pocono Mountains to live in our summer cabin in the small town of Blakeslee, Pennsylvannia. When we stayed through the winter that year, I experienced snow for the first time and that christmas, my dad bought me a pair of skis. We rode together all the time. My dad was pretty quick but I’m a fast learner. I love the speed of skis, but rails and jumps and boxes always caught my eye. There was no way I was going to start doing splits on them in my skis, so I learned how to snowboard by taking lessons through my school. Then I eventually became an instructor at boulder and built up the nerve to clear a jump and do a 360 and frontside rails. I’ve grown so much through my home mountain. Its not just a great past time, but a center fold in the creation and building of me as a person. Through this mountain, I became closer to nature, family, my sanity through self meditation, and a love I’ve had ever since I first got on a snowboard.