Special Update From SASS Global Travel

For the first time since 1960, the Puyehue Volcano in neighboring Chile experienced an eruption event this past weekend. Luckily, with over six weeks to go until the start of our program, this shouldn’t have an impact on our 2011 operations. But, as with any volcanic event, this has dramatically (but temporarily) affected airport operations in the region. SGT is closely following the impact in Argentina and will be making updates over the next few weeks, take a look and call 800.851.4660 with any questions or concerns:

  • The event should have no impact on our Argentina program operations for 2011.
  • The city of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina (where SGT operates) is not threatened by any explosions or lava flow from the volcano. Seriously.
  • Based on today’s (June 7) reports from Chile’s National Geology and Mines Service, the eruption is presently considered “moderate,” and most activity should end within two weeks.
  • The Bariloche airport (BRC), along with other airports in Chile and Argentina, have been temporarily placed on a ground hold because of airborne volcanic ash. The Bariloche airport is expected to re-open June 21 – more than a month before the start of our program. No flights in July are being cancelled.
  • The city of Bariloche was affected by a single day of falling ash carried east from Chile, and a clean-up effort is presently underway by city and provincial authorities.
  • No earthquakes were reported in Bariloche or the Rio Negro province.
  • The clean water supply in Bariloche is unaffected by the ash fall.

SASS Global Travel and our air travel division, SGT Air Corp., are available to answer any questions regarding registrations or flight plans. Again, present reports indicate that there should be no impact on operations for the 2011 season in Argentina. But, if you’d like to talk with us, you can reach SGT at 800.851.4660, and SGT Air Corp. at 800.672.7470. We look forward to a great season in Argentina for 2011!

The SASS Global Travel Management Team