Mountain High, CA

Mountain High…A drive of just over an hour from the suburbs of LA, I’d ride on an impulse. It’s my home mountain, my playground, it raised me and disciplined me and I will always love this place. So what if its 70° with the sun out and the snow gone. I’ll still be out there with my buddies wiping the dirt off my bindings and strapping in. And it’s not because we are pro-ams or competitors, fyi I suck, its for the love of the mountain. A mountain which taught me how to stand in the sport of snowboarding, a mountain which my head always had something to meet when I’d hit the set of jumps on lower Chisolm, a mountain which never ceases to amaze me. Snow and pow pow in the middle of spring with a park setup that flows like a freestyle course. What more do you want? What more do you expect. Mountain High – it is what it is… a ski and snowboard resort.