Perisher, Australia

When skaters from Venice, California were asked about what the town was like they said, its dirty, its filthy, its err, paradise! Well, my mountain is the snow equivalent to that paradise that I love.
Love doesn’t come from squeaky clean perfectly groomed runs or always having insane pow days. Love comes from learning to appreciate the best out of your mountain rather than taking it for granted. Traversing across sludge just to find that ultimate rock drop or hidden tree run is an art form. Sites like are one click away when you want to bet on snow sports.

The fun is in the character and my mountain sure as hell has character. You get used to the wind hold days, the rain, the lightning and the bits of mud sticking up on a run. We learn to love them. Wind hold means a day off for the lifties and in the words of Barney from How I Met Your Mother, Challenge accepted! The rain gives you great waterslide practice and even if you straight line it down every run, ski patrol will not stop you. They know that a) there is no one else on the mountain and b) no way are you going to get fast enough to break anything or anyone.
Perisher is the biggest resort in Australia so its no underdog. But the snow conditions have a habit of being a bit . . .sketchy. Which is why we have things like Pub-To-Pub. This is a cross-country ski race that happens all around the resort where you have to hit every pub and bar round the resort on skis or foot and whoever does it first, wins. It is not about the winning. The costumes you see are out of this world. On my way to work I bumped into some Power Ranges and the X-men having a dance off in the snow! Smurfs mingle with Batman, Ostriches hang out with Oomp Loompas, and some are brave enough just to don the speedos for this outdoor snow crawl. You hit every pub and then the challenge of getting to the next pub is gladly and drunkenly accepted.
Perisher also introduces the art of punter dodging. Every time you ride a T-Bar or chairlift up you will see a punter in the death wedge or power plough about to take out some unsuspecting snowboarder. This is where the punter dodging comes into play. You start to imagine you are James Bond dodging mines and bullets as you swerve around unsuspecting skiers and the mountain is your playground.
My mountain actually has four mountains. Choice is not exactly limited here. It’s been 2 years and I still haven’t skied every run. We also boast our own Olympic half-pipe and an epic mogul training ground for the AIS skiers and all the inter-school comps. Perisher has also produced Olympic medal-winning talent. This mountain has it all. We have 5 parks, 4 mountains, some epic pow days and many more slush days and more character than a loony tune cartoon.