Perisher, Australia

Hi my name is Jakob Obian Kennedy and i am writing about my home resort of Perisher because: At first thought of Australia you might not find yourself thinking of big mountains and awsome snow fields, but more likely warm sunny days and beaches. Whilst we do have incredible beaches and alot of hot days, if your willing to take the 5 hour trip south from Sydney (if you love the snow like me you will) you will find yourself in a small town, by a breath taking lake, called Jindabyne. A quick trip up the hill will find you in my home resort of Perisher. Although it isn’t as vast as somewhere like Whistler Blackcomb or Mammoth Lakes it has plenty of terrain which I am still learning about and finding new things to do every season. The 49 lifts there are in operation make for some quick hot laps if you know where to go. Spred over 6 different peaks meaning alot of inbounds exploring, also making it the biggest ski resort in the souther hemisphere. There is plenty of great accomadation on the hill but if your looking for the night life you will want to stay down the hill in Jindabyne.
A short snow-cat ride away from Perisher is a small quiet restort called Charlottes Pass. It is only small with just one chair lift but it is always quiet and has some great cheeky terrain to go and enjoy and mix it up a little.
Perisher has a tube park with 2 lanes, a big toboganing area and some amazing cross country trails full of scenery and wilflife you cant see anywhere else in the world. also the tree riding in Australia in like nowhere else, with tight turns, big open areas and solid branches that can easily spane 7ft sideways makeing for some of the most quick thinking and intense tree turns ever, but big smiles.
There are also 4 parks ranging from very beginner to the main park on front valley with a 4 jump line going from 20ft to the last jump at 70ft, a cheeky jib line and the Torah Bright half pipe. The food court, called the Pub, is located right at the bottom of the main park on front valley making for some inspiring scenes during your lunch brake. There is alot of big areas for beginners and enough steeps and drops to keep the rest happy.
If your willing to do a little bit of hiking there is some awome backcountry to be explored but im not giving anything away.
I love Perisher ski resort because we get plenty of blue bird days and it offers everything. While it may not get quite as much snow fall or isn’t as big as some of the resorts I’ve been to in North America it makes up for in spirit, good times, atmosphere, people, and claim factor, where else in the world can you ride past a snow wallabie? And the surf is only 2 hours away, YEW.