Chill Factore Manchester, UK

Why I love my home mountain!!!!!!

My home mountain happens to be a indoor slope called the chill factore

,which I love.I love my home MTN because they gave me the A chance to

snowboard when my surgeon told me i couldnt ski again ! They coached

me three times a week and got me ready for com

ps and now i love riding

with all my mates at the chill factore, and ther is no better

atmosphere when you have a group of riders all pushing each other to

try new tricks then when you land them everyone goes crazy with

excitement, and the buzz as you get ready to drop in and try and stomp

a new trick and now I have as many boarder friends as skier friends

and I enjoy riding with both, for me The best nights are with my

friends when we don’t come off till the lifts stop and we unstrap and

keep running up for another go till we are told enough is enough, and

you smile and know inside you’ve had a good time.