Mayrhofen, Austria

I had never been on a plane on my own before, let alone catching trains and buses in a foreign country where I didn’t understand a word.
Catching the plane to Innsbruck was the easy part. Then spending 2 hours on public transport as I caught the wrong train was a little harder.
Getting into Mayrhofen the snow was falling hard and I though “This is the life”
The first day of skiing was the best, as it was my first time on real snow. Me and Kelly O’Donnell caught the first lift to the very top of the mountain, and then took my first turns on real snow.
The snow was fresh and felt like I was skiing on butter, it was the dream. We skied all the way to the park, where we met the Summerhayes family and went off with Katie and Molly. The three girls then decided to take me to the top of the steepest run in Europe, the “Hari-kari”. We decided that it was too easy to go down the pisted route, so instead we made fresh lines in the powder. Some bits were so steep that we had to bumslide them…
We must have skied from first lift to last lift, but the time had flown past. It was time for a beer in the bar with Joe Tyler and the Summerhayes.
When we got back to the rooms, I realised how much I had skied that day, and my legs finally caught up with me and gave me the mother of all aches to show how much they had worked aswell.
But it was all worth it as I had literally the time of my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything, maybe a week in Whistler….