Mountain High, CA

Most resorts aren’t that hospitable and fun. Most resorts aren’t Mountain High. I love Mt. High for a couple reasons. First it’s the people. Not just the employees, but the riders too. The employees are always nice, and keep people moving happily. The riders are considerate of other people and that’s always good at a resort. The lift operators make the places where we get on and off the lift easy to ride on and keep the liftlines fun. The people are nice to talk to and that makes for an awesome time everyday I’m up there.
Next is the terrain. Mt. High has got terrain from top to bottom. You can never get bored there. The boxes aren’t just flat. There are thick ones, thin ones, long ones, short ones, curved ones, straight ones, ones that go up, ones that go down, you name it. Mt. High’s got it. Plus, the jumps are all sizes. Mt. High’s got huge booters, like X games, smaller kickers, tabletops, step-ups, step-downs, and smaller rollers. There is something for everyone there. You could be a 5 year old who is learning how to snowboard or a professional who is decorated with medals and trophies, you will still have fun there.
The snow is another thing to love Mt. High for. They get so much snow. You could get a storm that blows in 4 feet of snow in one week. Then go the next day and ride some 4-foot powder and go over and hit some slopestyle stuff on the groomed snow. You can do it all in 1 day.
I remember my first day I ever snowboarded was at Mt. High. It was what made me decide I wanted to snowboard A LOT more. If I had taken my first ride at another resort I might not have had the same opinion. It took me 3 days at Mt. High and I could ride pretty well. That was my best day ever. Not the best riding day ever, but the best day ever because I got to take my first ride and discover the awesomeness that is Mt. High.
However, I’ve also had my best riding best there. When I learned to Backflip. That gave me so confidence. It was up on Chisolm on the kickers. That was my best day of the season. And one of the best riding days I’ve ever had.
It is no wonder that Mt. High has an Olympic rider (Louie Vito) riding for them. Even though it isn’t the biggest resort ever, it’s as much fun as the bigger ones. It’s quality over quantity. Mt. High’s got so much quality. The terrain, price, and atmosphere. They ARE the bar, they don’t set it.
Overall I love Mt. High for the reasons I said before and many more that I couldn’t fit into 500 words or less. I know I’m not the only one who loves Mt. High but I love Mt. High more than anyone else.