Arapahoe Basin, CO

I first skied A-basin when I was three years old in 1986. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. There is no other place like it, at least that I have seen. The terrain is high altitude and north facing mostly, which means the snow stays better longer throughout the winter months. Then spring comes and beach comes alive with people and dogs. BBQ’s, beers, and women in bikini tops. At the basin life is good. It’s a group of misfits, outcasts, and black sheep that come together to form a community of people that love to ski. The powder days are endless with some easily accessible slackcountry skiing. And you can be sure that if you ski Palli chair on any given day, you will find some friends to ski with. I guess in the winter it is as they say, The Universe revolves around Pallivacinni Chair. All around great mountain. Free parking, ski to chair, let your dog play on the beach, ski some incredible terrain, and top of the day with a beer at the A-frame. Good times….