Mountain High, CA

My dad started taking me to Mt. High, when I was about 4. We ski’d on the East Resort my first time. I remember everything perfectly. I had the best teacher ever (Dianna I believe). After that first day, I fell in love with the snow and the atmosphere of Mt. High. I thought I was in love with a mountain as you could get, until I started going to the West Resort. My best friend and I went on Snowflake the entire time, and just threw snowballs at each other. It wasn’t until I began to board that I started to get good, and actually like the sport, not just the environment. From the time I was about 12 to this day, I go to the mountain at least ten times a year. A winter without going to Mt. High would be like a surfer with no ocean. Mt. High has played a huge role in my child hood, and helped shape who i am today, a crazy, fun-loving individual, who lives for the mountain. I wish it could snow year round. Every time I’m on Coyote, or on Express, I think back on my very first day, and remember why I love this mountain, and this sport so much.

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