Mountain High, CA

My name is Anthony, and I just started snowboarding this past season. My friends kept pushing me to go so I decided to go with my family. We went online looking for the closet and cheapest place and Mountain High came up. We took lessons the first time we went then the next time we went I had my own snowboard and bought a Mountain High pass. This year im planning to go every other weekend or every weekend with friends. Mountain High’s staff is excellent and willing to help you. I love Mountain High because they have three different resorts and how close it is to my house. I love you don’t have to worry about going on a road like to Big Bear. Mountain High is the only resort I’ve snowboard at and probably will be the only one in California. The Winter Sports School was great. It wasn’t like they would focus on the good one or the bad one, they help everyone so by the time you leave your better then you started out the day. If your not satisfied which i don’t know how you can’t be satisfied they take action. Just the joy of my family and I driving there and having a blast there then the stories coming are just endless. I love Mountain High so much on my school backpack it reads I rather be snowboarding. Then I have the Mountain High logo. My friends and I want summer to end already and we are not even on summer break. Snowboarding is my favorite sport right next to football. This is why I love my home Mountian, Mountain High.