Mountain High, CA

Chances are your Home Mountain is better than Mtn High. Heck, it can’t even claim to be the best resort within an hour’s drive of Orange County but one thing Mtn High has that no other slope, anywhere in the world, has is this: My first run. Years ago, before I knew what a snowboard was, before I’d had the opportunity to make tracks on some amazing slopes, before I ever even dreamed of riding a lift all the way to the top of the mountain, I snowplowed my way down the bunny slopes of Mtn High – tumbling several times along the way – and made my way to the bottom of that little run intact.

So, no matter where I roam, no matter what I ride, no matter who I’m with, I will always love Mtn High and its inauspicious slopes because they were there for me before any of the others.