Mountain High, CA

When you hear Mountian High, it mean’s nothing to you like it does to me. Mountian High isn’t just a place to go and have the best times of your life, its a lifestyle! I love MtHigh because everyone supports one another, I mean that is if you are a true MtHigh rider. I spent everyday at the High this past season, weather it was a blue bird day of jibbing, or a white out day spent in the lodge with all of my friends. I actually got a ride up to the mountian one day with no way home, i figured i could just find one on my own, well i was wrong. I ended up camping out in the snowblower shack at the top of road runner. Thats my most intense adventure ever, I must say. I have ridden Mammoth, Bear, Snow summit, Vegas, and i know my heart will always be at mthigh. I made so many new friends because of the chill enviroment at the High i love it, I honestly can’t wait untill next season make many more. Thanks for making my Winters as amazing as can be, I LOVE YOU MOUNTIAN HIGH!

Yours Truely,

Danny Sanchez