Mountain High, CA

haha ok well im 15 now, but when I was a little I always had bad encounters with snow. I always got hurt. I almost got frost bite when I was 6 years old and I went another time when I was 10 and still had a horible time I kept falling, I was to cold no one was nice, it was terible! and there were plent more but i dont feel like nameing them. ya so i met a friend that snowboards and he invited me to go and I first said no way, because i suck and its not my thing, and the resorts aren’t fun. well he showed me your website and it looked pretty fun so I said ok I’ll give snowboarding one last try. and I got to the resort strapped in took the first lift up the mountain and saw perfect pow pow and I fell in love and everytime I fell people I didnt even know helped me up, so I went home that day and said that was the funnest thing I’ve ever done and after that day snowboarding became my favorite thing in the world to do and I went the next week and the week after that in a row. I loved it sooo much I took all my birthday money, and christmas money and also saved up and purchased my self a 2010 Salomon sanchez board with burton mission bindings even though I was ok not great but I knew I loved it and was gonna keep snowboarding, than I also purchased all my gear a month after that and since thi first time i went to your resort i went up every weekend for months, hah I’m not some rich kid trust me I had to save up and it was around christmas my first time to your resort so dont think i got all this by family hah cause it were me I would by a season pass 4SURE. and thats why I love Mt High resort it made me love snowboarding more than everything I have Mt High stickeres on my binder, door, car. etc I LOVE MT.HIGH and my favorte rider goes there I think you know him MFM hah hes rad I love his style. so thank you for my best hobbie and life style. sincerely Zeke Zielinski