Northstar at Tahoe, CA

Northstar at Tahoe is the place to be. I spent around 120 days at Northstar this past season and it was the best season of my life. Being a park-rat, I spent almost all day every day riding Vista, the park chair. From this chair I could watch all the other Northstar regulars lapping Pinball and the DC park and call out to them when I got stoked on their steezyness. And on the reverse, I loved riding through the park, hearing my name called out and being able to look up at the smiling faces of my friends. Northstar’s park set up is the realness; you can cut between the parks to hit a ton of features in a single run, and the pipe is at the bottom of the run so you don’t have to miss out on jumps or features to hit the pipe (like at other mountains).

The best day I had at Northstar was probably closing day this year. A huge group of my friends and I lapped around the mountain and parks all day long, engaged in one of the most intense snowball fight- slash fests of all time. For the last hour or so we perched up on the knuckles of the DC jumps, which are almost level with the chair, and destroyed people on the chair with snowballs. It was real good.

Sunny skies, tons of snow, tons of friends, and endless good times make Northstar the place to be. I can’t wait till next season!