Loveland Ski Area, CO

Living on the East coast most of my skiing, about 30-40days, is at Hunter Mountain, NY, the ice capital of the world, when it comes to the conditions of the terrain, they call it powder! Obviously they’ve never seen real powder! That’s why I look forward to going out west to Loveland Ski area CO. every year. I can ski powder, days after a storm, if I’m lucky enough to get there when there is a storm. Even when there isn’t I can still find some powder tucked away somewhere, and I’m not a local YET! No crowds, no tourist (except for me, duh!) Friendly people, when I’m there I feel like I’m home. I’ve skied Utah, Wyoming, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and parts of Austria, Germany, France, but I Love Loveland the best. Go figure!