Mountain Creek, NJ

The day was February 23, the day after Mother Nature dropped a foot of fresh powder across the land, and I was the first person in line at mountain creek at 7:00 am with my friend waiting to shred the freshly groomed Mountain Creek. On the lift ride up, I pulled down my goggles, pulled up my bandana, and readied my helmet cam for this outstanding day. At the top I overlooked the fresh corduroy, perfectly groomed lips, and flawless, shining jibs without disappointment. I strapped in and took my leisurely time down the mountain, enjoying every single aspect of this amazing bluebird day. This ended up being the best day of snowboarding all season. Throughout the day I spun spins I’ve never spun before, tweaked grabs I’ve never even dreamed of, and slid rails and boxes galore. This is the one day’s clips that I watch over and over and over again during these hot summer months, dreaming of the winter when I can return to this dream of a mountain and once again partake in this organized chaos we call snowboarding.