Cannon Mountain, NH

O.k. so if Lance wants sue me for copywrite infringement thats fine. Truth is, if you want to steal my identity or my finacial information I’ll come right out and tell you that my password for everything is Cannons#1. Good luck with that. This mountain is all about the terrain and it’s what brought me back here twice from Crested Butte and A-Basin. Yeah, that’s right, it’s better and way more unique. I compare it to the human brain in the way that it has only partly exposed it’s potential. I could go on and tell you about every secret stash, sidecountry run, and out of bound access, but we all know thats not going to happen. In fact, these areas aren’t for everyone and even if thats not your thing you still have it made. The main trails are steep and the glades are world class. If your driving up Interstate 93 from the south be careful. Not because the wind whips through near 100mph or the snow piles up without a lake effect. I’m more worried about you missing the exits or hitting a guardrail because your eyes are not on the road. Your neck is craining, fighting to focus on which run you’ll take first or how in the world you’ll get there. If this does not happen to you at your home mountain I’m sorry. This happens to me every time and it’s been twenty years. Be warned that it’s addicting and you may be back again and again. You may want to move here and thats o.k. You’ll be greeted warmly and treated well. Thats why I love this mountain.