Mammoth Mountain, CA

My home mountain wakes me early on every powder day with the sound of avalanche blasting. I have the privilege of looking out and seeing her womanly curves as the sun rises over her bosom. Sometimes I am frightened by where I end up on her; getting lost in a forrest and finding my way forced off a cliff. But I know this isn’t her trying to hurt me, she is just pushing me further and challenging my mental and physical strength. Without her, who knows where I would be. Perhaps doing meth on a street corner or letting all too many explore my own womanly curves. I am fortunate to have her in my life.
She has given me work. She has given me fear. She has filled my need of exploration. She has been the reason I have thrown away underwear. She has given me dentist appointments. She has given me ER appointments. She has given me a reason to want to keep breathing on those days when the powder is so deep that breathing becomes a luxury.
No other mountain will ever be my home mountain. I love traveling elsewhere, and my mountain understands my need for the occasional swing. But she knows I am faithful and will always return.
With no regret, I have a man in my life. He doesn’t know I ever existed, but I need to thank him. Dave McCoy, you have changed my life and created the only woman I will ever love more than my mom. Mammoth, I love you.